Kula-cud.aman.i T.--------------1001 Nights-----------------------Cl. of the So. Mountains


0 (0th; fn. 3) Bulak edition: S`ahr-báz (City-hawk)

1:1 Mt. Magpie


0.a (0th) Shall the beautiful hue of the Basil fail * Tho' the beetle's foot o'er the Basil crawl? [basil being the tulasi, the prayer plant, in Vais.n.avism]

"There is a plant ..., but it has green flowers. Its name is the" pray-more.


he at once ate up all his meat and even licked the manger

"If you eat it, you won't starve."


yon mulberry tree

"the paper mulberry"


did away with his bride's maidenhead [de-floration]

"Its blossoms light up everything around it."


1.a (1st) he brake his tether and ran to me

"... it runs like a human."


1.a (2nd) this gazelle [female]

"The River Sveltedeer"


1.b (2nd) I sat in my shop, behold, a beggar stood before me

1:2 Mt. Hall-court. "It has ... many white gibbons."


becoming an Ifritah, ... she bore me up and flew away with me

1:3 Mt. Monkey-wing


2 (3rd) a cucumber shaped jar of yellow copper

1:4 "There are quantities of scarlet gold".


Ummi Amir's neighbor [= the hyaena]

"an animal ... which ... has ... stripes ... It makes a noise like the crooning".


"Nay! I will never believe it until I see thee inside with my own eyes."

"The River Weird"


2 (4th) "I will throw thee back into the sea," he answered ... the Ifrit

"water turtles ... Their name is the" whirly-turtle.


2.a (4th) imbibed the medicine from the wood. Then ... he looked on his body and saw no trace of leprosy

"They make a noise like wood being split. ... and it can be used for calluses."

1:6 Vasuki [the snake-god]Tantra

2.a.i (5th) a brood of vipers, ... having struck off his falcon's wing ... the bird gasped and died

1:5 "It has a snake's tail and wings ... It dies ..."


he was mad-jealous

1:6 "... you won't get jealous."


a she parrot which he set in his house to act as duenna

1:7 "a chicken ... Its name is esteem-add."


2.a.iii (5th) the Sage Duban unclosed his eyes

"If you eat it, you won't keep falling asleep."


2.b (8th) hound that thou art!

1:8 "a fox, but it has nine tails."


2.a.ii (5th) to sprinkle water [in consequence, the bird suffered from delusions]

"a pigeon ... Its name is the" pour-pour. "you won't suffer from delusions."


2.b (8th) the citizens, who were of four different faiths, Moslem, Nazarene, Jew and Magian, she transformed by her enchantments into fishes

"scarlet scholar-fish which look like a fish but they have a human face."


scourgeth me with an hundred stripes

1:9 Mt. Winnow-tail


half stone and half man; ... the Moslems are the white

"quantities of white jade."


2.b (9th) his daughters wived with Kings

"the River Breed"


3 (9th) camomile ... willow flower

2:1 Mt. Tea-willow

1:48 "Then again he should present (to each of them) ... perfume."

a bottle for perfume spraying, a lump of male incense, aloe wood, ambergris and musk


her navel would hold an ounce of benzoin ointment

Mt. All-navel

fn. 119 "the women will eat if the hymn has been recited."

When the maidens heard his verse and its poetical application addressed to them ... Hearing this they said, "Sit thee down and welcome to thee," ...Then arose the provisioneress


1:56-58 Kama-rupa = "the external private parts" of a woman (p. 110, fn. 159); "the sacrificial ground" = "the inner private parts" of a woman (p. 110, fn. 163) [geographical terms for the vulva]

"The basil of the bridges;" ... "It is entitled the Khan of Abu Mansur;" [geographical names for the vulva]


3 (10th) the ladies sang so lustily that there was a great noise ... and the bitch howled

"It makes a noise like a dog barking."

3:9 "she's inside a hole in a wall sealed by an iron door ... where she stirs like a deity."

3.a (11th) a large iron plate, the size of a wicket door; and on raising it there appeared below it a staircase vaulted and winding. Then he turned to the lady and said to her, "Come now and take thy final choice!" She at once went down by the staircase and disappeared; then ... I replaced the iron plate and did all his bidding till the tomb became as it was before


I shot at the bird ... I with both hands pinioned

"an owl, but it has human hands"


"Thou hast thy deserts, O thou hog!"

"There is an animal which looks like a suckling pig".


3.b (12th) heard of me and ... they saw that we were only four

2:2 "... it has four ears."


I cut fuel wood

2:3 "wood being chopped."


3.b.i (13th; fn. 231) for our quills

2:4 Mt. Feather


3.b.i (14th) the Princess became a huge serpent

"giant snout-snakes."

4:5 [1st seen] vulture

[the Ifrit Jirjaris] changed to a vulture


4:6 [6th seen] black cat

[the Ifrit Jirjaris] became a black tom cat


4:14 [21st seen] fish

[the Ifrit Jirjaris] became a fish


over his daughter's ashes ... he had been converted by the mercy of Allah to al-Islam

2:5 Mt. Wary-father

5:15 [to be buried:] iron nails;

3.c (14th;) every [iron] nail in plank will fly out ...all the iron in them sought the Magnet Mountain [fn. 257: Ptolemaios (vii. 2): Maniólai Islands]

2:6 Mt. Bend-more


3.c (15th) a man of brass with a tablet of lead on his breast inscribed with talismans and characts ... upon the sea

2:7 Mt. Float-jade


3.c (16th) chambers ... full of pearls and jacinths and beryls and emeralds and corals and carbuncles, and all manner precious gems and jewels

Lake Store-hoard


the knife



3.c (16th, fn. 299) The ends of the bridle-reins forming the whip.


3.d (17th) "Words cannot undo the done; and the reed of Destiny hath run through what Allah decreed."

"... in the River Reed."


gold and silver left lying in their places

2:8 "quantities of gold and jade"


3.d (18th) We ceased not spooning before a fair wind till we had exchanged the sea of peril for the seas of safety

the River Roar-spoon


made the two seas flow

"... in the River Sluice."


3.e (18th) I ceased bandying verses

2:9 "... into the River Quiet."


he relented and said, "I pardon her ..."

2:10 Mt. Pacified


rubbish heaps rose where the building erst was

into the River Range-mire


4 (19th) crate to carry small fish on his head

2:11 Mt. Helper-hook


5 (20th) each of the brothers passed the night in a place far apart, wild with wrath against the other

2:12 Mt. Whole-shade


5 (21st) The THIRD BEHEST is, Learn to be silent in society and let thine own faults distract thine attention from the faults of other men: for it is said:--In silence dwelleth safety

2:13 "it has no mouth and it can't be killed."


ruin come and lay waste!

"It name is the wreck-ram."


5 (22nd) set him head downwards and feet upwards in the slit of the privy [so as to block it]

"Blockage Marsh"


5 (23rd) he was crying so bitterly that his tears prevented his speech for a while. When she heard his sobs and saw his tears her heart burned as though with fire for him, and she said, "O my son, why dost thou weep? Allah keep the tears from thine eyes! Tell me what hath betided thee?"

"... in the River Weep."


Hasan the Bassorite ladled into a saucer

2:14 Mt. Roar-spoon


And the clouds set points to what breezes wrote.

"The River Rainburst"


(fn. 468) musk [produced, e.g., by stags of the muskdeer (Moschos moschiferous)]; a gugglet of sherbet ... scented with musk

2:15 "The River Stag"


5 (23rd) he said, "Faugh; what be this wild-beast stuff?"

2:16 Mt. Stag-cry

5:39 "the secret mouth of the brahman ... where the primordial Mahis.amardini ["buffalo-slayeress"] is"

6 (24th) "... not give thee time to chew it." So he bolted it ... and, his hour being come, he died.

2:16 malign-force buzzard [devourer of human corpses, in Zarathustrianism] ...


6 (25th) a babe

like a baby


6.a (25th) stuccoed with Sultání gypsum

2:17 Mt. Lacquer-cry


6.d (29th) an astrolabe with seven parallel plates

3:1 Mt. Sky-fret


6.e.vi (33rd) cut off my brother's lips

3:2 There is a bird [birds being lipless] ... which ... has ... a human face.

5:63 [1st (inmost) triangle] Kapalini "a cup"

a cup


6.f (34th) lop eared and proboscis-nosed

There are tiger-crocodiles:


the fid of fish with its bone

Their bodies look like a fish's, but they have a snake's tail


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7 (34th) her face the seven-fold stars displays, * That guard her cheeks as satellites ...

3:3 Markings on its head spell ...


of the Zanj [fn. 13: negroes] and golden glint of hair;

3:4 white gibbons

5:63 [3rd triangle] Ugra-mukhi "horrible mouth"

her tongue


7 (35th, fn. 38) "Alam"=a sign, a flag.

3:5 Mt. Tail-banner;


7 (36th) a bird, with widely-spreading wings ... and the wind to her was fairest

"strange birds. The pleasing south wind comes from it."

5:63 [3rd triangle] Pradipta "shrill cry of bird"

nightingale shrilled with her varied shright


5:64 [4th triangle] Nila "dark-blue"



7 (38th) any foul play

3:6 Mt. Wrong


8 (40th) shone and showed her sheen

3:7 Mt. Sunny-tight


8 (41st) piece of Bhang ... drop it into her drink

3:8 Mt. Pour-roil


habited in black ... also garbed in black

3:9 the river Black;


8 (47th) her body hair stood on end like the bristles of a fretful hedgehog

"have the bristles of a hog."


Father of Winds that droppeth before a puff of air

3:10 "the high northeast wind comes from it."

5:64 [4th triangle] Ghana "musical instrument"

8 (49th) [musical instruments]


8 (50th) a beautiful girl called Sophia "wisdom" [goddess of wisdom was Athene]

"a bird which looks like an owl." [owl was emblem of Athene]


8 (53rd) thirty seven dirhams [there were 37 philosophers (thinkers) in the Daoist canon of the Han dynasty]

3:11 Mt. Thinker


8 (54th) sherbet of sugar

"a sweetish taste."


8 (56th) hunger burned her, she ate a very little

"you won't starve"

5:64 [5th triangle] Matra "measure"

8 (58th) discourse upon geometry


8 (69th) [brother-sister incest]

3:13 Mt. South-ape [south being the direction of Yama (the brother), who committed incest with Yami (his sister) in Zarathustrian mythology]


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Intermediary between the Tantrik and Chinese (Ts'in dynasty ?) texts, the 1001 Nights, insamuch as it is sacred to one Iranian sect (the Kurdish >ahl i-H.aqq), may be derived from another Iranian sect (the Tajik Bon): the Bon possess a text in 1001 sections (slates). "Then the teachings ... wrote themselves on a thousand and one slates."

ASIATISCHE FORSCHUNGEN, Band 124. Dan Martin: Mandala Cosmogony. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 1994. p. 26