24 in 24th chapter of

1 Dbry-h-Ymym

24 naks.atra-s

[originally, Burus^aski ?]




1. -Ya_ri^b

20.S`ata-BHIsaJ [cf. PHIG-,


SPHInG-, posing riddles]


2. Yda<-



[figure: quay (ghat.) {i.e. for

[cf. da_<ak "extinguished"]

extinguished cremations (ghat.)}]


3. H.a_rim

22. Revati, who, expecting


snubbed by potential suitors,


lingered, unwed, at the


concert of the Carana-s


23. As`va-yujau "horses joined"


[cf. mare-guise, for sexual union,


by Demeter, at whose mystery

4. S`<o_ri^m "barley"

was the communion of barley]


5. Malki-


6. Mi[n]ya_min, cf. mne_>. mne_>

24. Bharani [cognate: /Feronia/

as handwriting on wall

introducing alphabet to Italy]


1. Kr.ttika-s "skins" for writing

7. ha-Qo^s. "the thorn"

[as if for tattooing by needle]


8. >b- [cf. />o^b/ "water-bottle":


water of baptism, by sprinkling,


for the dead was potentized by


ashes of the red heifer (BM 19)]

2. Rohini "heifer"


9. Ye_s^u^< [Jesus:


head of Church]

3. Mr.ga-s`iras "beast-head"


10. S^kan-


[cf. /s^kem/ "shoulder"]

4. Bahu "arm"


11. -Ya_s^i^b

5. Punar-Vasu

"returneth" [scil., property]

"again property"


12. Ya_qi^m

6. Tis.ya [name of a Buddha:

"raiseth, resurrecteth"

each rose from the dead bodily]


13. H.uppa_h


"closet, chamber"

[figure: outer wall, house]


14. Yes^eb-


"sitteth, seat"

[figure: bed]


15. Bilga_h

10. Hasta "hand" [figure: hand


upraised (sign to desist ?)]


16. >imme_r "talkative"

11. Citra [cf. /chatter/]


17. H.e_zi^r "SWInish"

12. SWatI


18. ha-Pis.s.e_s.

13. Vis`akha

[cf. pes.a< "wound"]

[wounded god]


19. Ptah.- [Aegyptian Pth.,

15. Jyes.t.ha [cognates: Persian Jeh,

potter (pots from clay)]

Hellenic Gaia "earth {viz. clay}"]


23. Dla_-y-


[cf. dli^ "bucket"]

[figure: yoke with buckets]


24. Ma<az-

19. S`ravis.t.ha "most famous"

[from <arabic /Gazi^/

[one becoming so by

"one dying in battle"]

dying in battle]