The following require re-alignment by one place:---


1. khyun eagle

5. bla dpal: with BLa "soul; above" cf. the Kemetian BL "human-headed bird-soul" (depicted above its human physical body); dpal "glorious" (respectful title)

5. Dba< reverence, respect

[should be dinosaur, of petrified eggs]

[goddess of "speech", born from stone egg -- A&S, p. 196]

6. Lda speech

2. stag tiger

1. srog

1. Ldon blind (the "blind tiger" is proverbial)

3. <brug dragon

2. LUS [cf. LUSiTANia, where TAN is <ibri^ & <arabic for "dragon"]

2. DBRA {cf. DBo^RA^h who accompanied Ba^ra^q "lightning" = the Prussian "lightning-dragon" }

4. sen-ge lion

3. dban than power prairie (the lion being a prairie-denizen)

3. <gru to pain

5. rta horse

4. rlun rta wind horse

4. Sga saddle (for a horse)


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A&S = Samten G. Karmay (ed.): The Arrow and the Spindle. Mandala Book Point, Kathmandu, 1998.