summary of the 5 world-ages



49, lower. red sun-god

CB 71. red sun-god receiving


14, birds, the 14th being a

49, upper left. black bird with

black bird with

segmented eye-rim

segmented eye-rim


CB 47-48. 17 scenes, the 5th being

50, lower. Tlazolteotl


(74 Tlazolteotl-Toci with)

Toci; and the 14th

blue Macuil-Xochitl

blue Macuil-Xochitl; the 10th a

50, upper left. snake and

variegated snake; the 11th an



51, lower. foot being bitten off

CFM: foot being bitten off

51, upper right. sea-snail-shell;

CZC: two pages of snail-deities;

insect-wing (of bee-god Hobnil ?)

four pages of bee-deities


CB 22-24. 20 scenes, the 2nd a

52, lower. gold-spotted red god

gold-spotted red god

52, upper left. death-god

CL 23-30. death-god


CB 15-17. 20 scenes, the 1st being the

52, upper left. maize-god



CB 29-46. on 35 to 44 is

53, lower right. "Stipe-Eye"



CB 1-8. 104 scenes, the 50th being a

53, upper right. man falling into chasm

man falling into chasm


CB 9-13. 20 scenes, the 11th being a

53, upper left. moth-mouthed deer

moth-mouthed god (i.e., cloth-eater:


Xochipilli = Oba-tala of Yoruba)


Codex Borgia, pp. 49 to 53

Codex Borgia;


Codex Feje`rva`ry-Mayer;


Codex Zani-Cospi;


Codex Laud