7 Pho (Tibetan <pho)---------Moke worlds-----------------20 MesoAmerican day-signs

1. "flying poison": element "earth" as abode of snake

1. ka`to>ya "big-headed snake" (BH, p. 11)

5. coatl "snake" (depicted as rattlesnake, poisonous) http://www.innertraditions.com/titles/chsaca.htm

2. "unclean evil"


6. miquiztli

3. "odor of death, stinking evil"

2. koli`c^iyaw "skunk" (BH, p. 15)

7. mazatl "deer" = Bon musk-deer (exuding odor)

4. water


9. atl "water"

4. "corpse-hound": with s`ava "corpse", cf. s`van "hound"


10. itzcuintli "hound"


3. pa`tuwvota "flying shield" (BH, p. 17)

11. ozomatli "monkey": cf. pithecanthropoid Ravana, who rode vimana (flying machine)


3. c^o:vio "antelope" (loc. cit.): cf. "antelope's jawbone" lah.ay-ro>i^

12. malinalli (depicted as jawbone)

5. "fallen arrow": cf. the hsiu "arrow"


13. acatl "reed" (depicted as spear)

6. heaven

4. tohopko "mountain lion" (BH, p. 22)

14. ocelotl "ocelot"

6. "night bird" as bringer of nightmares

4. monwau "owl" (loc. cit.)

16.. Pipil tecolotl, Quiche` "owl" http://edj.net/mc2012/fap4.html

7. "sipping thief"


17. caban, cf. cab "bee" (sipping honey)


ma`hu (BH, p. 37) the "katydid" (shaped like flint blade)

18. tecpatl "flint blade"


"rain" (BH, p. 43): weather-god (BH, p. 44) is depicted (BH, p. 45) as tortoise-shaped

19. quiahuitl "rain" = Pipil ayotl "tortoise"


"flower" (BH, p. 59)

20. xochitl "flower"



BH = Frank Waters: Book of the Hopi. Viking Penguin Books, 1963.


Note this Chinese list's beginning with "snake", same beginning as with Bon list.