the eight Cemeteries (S`mas`ana-s)

Tehuacan (Puebla) - the 8 dippers (ladles)

Iban (of Sarawak) - the 8 domains within Sebayan


1st green water-god Tlaloc, holding effigy-mug

3rd "of those who died by drowning"

2nd man on steep hill; red god [among the Maori, the redness of sunset is ascribed to fall of a god from the height of the sky]

2nd "of those died by falling from a height"

3rd golden-spotted red death-god, holding plant

1st "of those who died by having lost their way while walking through a forest"

4th goddess Tlazol-teotl

8th "of women who died in childbirth"

5th [obliterated]

7th "of those who died of wounds"

6th white death-god with warriors' striping

6th "of those who died in war"

7th green death-god with leopard's paws [leopards swipe fish out from the water with their paws]

5th "of those who took their lives by eating tubai poison" (poison used to kill fishes in rivers)

8th round ornament (worn by youths?)

4th "of those youth who died before their time"


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The Daoist aequivalents to the Tehuacan dippers might be the dipper-constellations.

Somewhat different is the sequence of "fixed stations of destiny" (BW, p. 12) arrived at "Through six doors to the other world"; through perhaps based on the doors instead.


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