9 Vasu-deva-s {9 Prati ...}------------------9 regents of the night

1. {Prati-Vasu-deva As`va-griva "horse-throat": cf. the narrow-throated fire-mare +Vad.ava}

1. Xiuh-tecuhtli the fire-god

2. Dvi-pr.s.t.ha: his father Brahma the primaeval god

2. Itztli the primaeval god (from whom originated all the other deities, according to the account in Hartley Burr Alexander)

3. {Prati-Vasu-deva Naraka, who remained unborn, an embryo}

3. Piltzin-tecuhtli the god of youth

4. Purus.a-uttama: his father Soma (king of the plants)

4. Cin-teotl the maize-god

5. Purus.a-simha: his father S`iva (whose skull was shattered, in commemoration whereof the skulls of human corpses are shattered before their cremation)

5. Mictlan-tecuhtli the skeletal god (personifying human corpses)

6. Purus.a-pun.d.arika " ... white water-lily"

6. +Chalchihuitlicue, with pond

7. Datta: his mother S`es`avati (cf. S`es.a, the water-snake). [Datta was originator of the Tantra, the texts advocating nudism.]

7. nude +Tlazol-teotl, with snake draped over her

8. {Prati-Vasu-deva Ravana, who lifted a mountain}

8. Tepe-yollotl "mountain-heart"

9. Kr.s.n.a "black"

9. black-headed Tlaloc


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Gwydion the cobbler adopted the boy Llew Llaw Gyffes.

2. Itztli the knife-footed

"kesorap, "a fabulous bird with speckled feathers" (p. 137 -- spotted eagle?) "is shot down by a human man who used to be wealthy but now is poor" (p. 138; cf. pp. 139-141).

Llew Llaw Gyffes shot a wren.


The kesorap "enables the poor man to take back all his possessions" (ibid., p. 138).


The 9 Vasu-deva-s correlate with the naks.atra Punar-vasu Punar-vasu "restoring goods".


Llew Llaw Gyffes, for whom as wife there was created, out of flowers, a woman.

3. Piltzin-tecuhtli whose wife was +Xochi-quetzal "flower-precious"

the Owl-god Kotan-kor-kamui (ibid., p. 137)

The flower-wife of Llew Llaw Gyffes was transformed in an owl.

5. the skull-headed owl

the serpent-form (p. 147, fn. 6) of the Ainu fence-goddess +Nusa-kor-huchi


7. +Tlazol-teotl's snake


Goronwy of the pierced stone.

8. Tepe-yollotl the cavern-god.


Govannion, who killed [Llew Llaw Gyffes' twin-brother,] the boy Dylan who swam like a fish.

9. Tlaloc, with a fish.


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