Sites in the Apocalypse of John

sources of rare substances

One antient secret was the source of amber : though imported into the Mediterranean since the 2nd millennium before the Christian era, its source was being kept so secret by Mediterranean governments that the very paeninsula (consisting of Norway-Sweden-Finland) whence it was derived remained unmentioned by both Hellenic and Latin geographers.

It did receive mention, however, in occult writings (which would be kept secret anyway) of that era : it is the "transparent gold" wherein the streets of New Jerusalem are said to be paved in 21:18 of the Apocalypse of John. Also, the 12 foundations thereof in that text suggest another area of secret governmental research, namely the geological strata.

Alike to the amber as solidified plant-sap, another type of solidified plant-sap is likely to have been known in antiquity, but kept secret by governments : rubber. The country of rubber’s source, kept secret by the antient geographers, would be Kongo-Zaire.

The solidification by sulphur (vulcanization) is likely to be alluded to the "lake of fire and brimstone" in 21:8 of the same chapter in the Apocalypse of John.

other exotic localities in the Apocalypse of John

4:6 sea of glass

ice-shelfs on seas of Antarctica ?

6:15 refugees in mountains

Araucanian guerrillas in mountains of Chile (18th century)

8:3 golden altar

gold of Peru

9:16 mounted troops

gauchos of the pampas of Argentina

10:5 on land & in sea

proposal, during Paraguay’s war against Brazil (in late 1860s), to use pirates to assault Brazil by sea

10:10 honey


11:11 revival of the twain prophets

influence of Russian-national (the 2 Russias, Red & White) politicians in Brazil

12:5 son to rule over nations with iron rod

nationalization of iron-ore mines in Venezuela (in mid-1960s)

12:6 the desert

prairie of the Orinoco basin

12:7 war in heaven, resulting in the defeat (12:8) of the dragon

contention (in 16th century) between Germany and Spain over the control of Venezuela : afterwards Germany was unable (after the Spanish civil war of 1936-1937) to control Spain

12:14 wings of eagle

eagle emblem at Mexico City?

13:1 beast from the sea

the Antilles (with manatees)

13:12 beast from the land used the authority of the beast from the sea

the "Knights of the Golden Circle", mostly actually in the Confoederate States of America, but glorifying the significance of the Caribbean

13:18 666 as the # of the beast

The # 666 is much-used by United States governmental agencies

14:2 "waterfall" [according to "Good News translation"]

Niagara Falls

14:4 virgins

West Virginia

14:14 cloud

St. Cloud, Minnesota

14:15 harvest of the earth is reaped


14:18 vinyard of the earth

Imperial Valley in California

15:5 temple in heaven

Mt. Shasta

16:2 1st vial was poured upon the earth

Humboldt river in Nevada sinketh into the ground

16:3 2nd vial was poured on the sea, so the creatures in it died

the Great Salt Lake in Utah is devoid of life

16:4 3rd vial was poured onto water-springs as vengeance for slain prophets

Cheyenne Mountain (headquarters of the Strategic Air Command) at Colorado Springs in Colorado is a threat to the peace & security of the world.

16:8 4th vial was poured upon the sun

Sundance at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

16:10 5th vial was poured on the throne, so that the people bit their tongues

Bighorn mountains in Wyoming. Tongue River in Montana.

16:12 6th vial was poured onto great river in order to dry out that river

Powder River in Montana.

16:13 emerging from dragon’s mouth is frog-spirit

Snake River in Idaho. Frogs are worshipped by Indians on Puget Sound.

16:15 "walk naked"

Doukhobors (who have nude processions) in British Columbia

16:16 arMAGeDDoN (=[<ibri^] migdanah ‘pretious’)

Yukon, source of pretious metal

16:17 7th vial was poured into the air

Chandalar [cf. chandeliers, suspended in the air] in Alaska

16:18 earthquake

in Behring sea ?

16:20 every island fled away

islands in the Arctic Ocean are often inaccessible by sea

16:21 hailstones

hailfall is frequent in Tibet

17:1 great whore

empress of Manchuria, in Ch’ing dynasty

17:3 desert


18:17 ships’ captains

Shanghai (where captains recruit sailors by shanghaiing them)

19:11 rider on white horse

Kalkin at S`ambhala, as worshipped in India

20:2 the Devil


20:3 the bottomless pit


20:4 those whose were slain because they had proclaimed the truth

the Yhudi^m in <asir

20:8 Gog ‘roof’ & Magog ‘roofed’

Yemen & Eritrea (where preaching is done from rooftops ?)

20:12 book for the dead

Egypt with its Book of the Dead

21:1 "new" city

Zanzibar ? [instead of Qarta-H.adas^t ‘City New’ (Phoinikian name for Karkhedon / Carthago, in Tunisia)]

21:4 tears ([<ibri^] dim<ah / dema<)

Dema = deities of the Wa-c^agga in Tanganyika (as well as of New Guinea)

written in April of 2007