Ares = Pelles the Grail-King

Drakon = Huios Anthropoio ('Son of Man')

Kadmos = Longinus the Centurion

DCM, s.v. "Ares" (pp. 52-53a)


DCM, p. 52b "turning Ares's spear aside"

Pelles having "the bloody spear in his side" (Smith 38)

DCM, p. 52b "wounded ... in the thigh ... Ares fled"

Pelles was wounded "in both thighs" (The Holy Grail 1)

GM 12.c "Ares and his twin-sister Eris were conceived when Hera touched a certain flower". (GM 12.2 "The 'certain flower' is likely to have been the may-blossom ... whitehorn".)

Pelles fed his own father from the Grail (Staines 416) : "the finder or keeper of the Grail ... was said to have planted a whitethorn bush at the site of ... the Abbey of GLASTONBURY" (FHG, p. 5).

GM 12.2 "its 'sister' is blackthorn, ... Strife -- Ares's twin, Eris."

Permeating "the wonderful burning bush" is (G:LB, p. 310) "a blazing flame ... black of color." Such is (G:LB, p. 311) "the burning thorn-bush."

DCM = Pierre Grimal : Dictionary of Classical Mythology.

"FK" = "Fisher King".

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

FHG = Sean mac Aodhagain : Finding the Holy Grail. AuthorHouse, 2009.

G:LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky.

DCM, s.v. "Cadmus" (pp. 82b-83a)


p. 82b Kadmos "killed the dragon." {Dragons are winged serpents : cf. the 6-winged (Ys^a<yah 6:2) s`arapiym ('caustic' serpents) in the wilderness, confronted by Mos^eh}

"Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so shall the Son of Man be lifted up" (Euangelion kata Ioannes 3:14) : who, on that occasion, was pierced by Longinus.

p. 82b He was "advised ... to sow its teeth. [Kadmos] did so, and at once, armed men sprang out of the ground". {Did he have to break out those teeth so as to escape out of its mouth?}

(G:LB, p. 306) "a serpent ... swallowed Moses down to his ... feet." But "a heavenly voice was heard ..., "Spew him out!" and Moses came forth and stood on the ground."

p. 82b "the Spartoi ... did not know who was throwing the stones". {Cf. Aztec god Ixquimilli's stoning-to-death adulterers.}

"who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." {But how could one be sure that anyone was without sin?}

p. 82b "Only five survived ... who subsequently married [Agau[h]e,] one of [Kadmos]'s daughters".

(W:"SWW") Photine (the Samaritan woman-at-the-well) hath 5 husbands.

p. 83a Kadmos "served as Ares's slave for eight years".

(G:LB, p. 305) Imprisoned by Yitrow, Mos^eh "lay in the pit ... for the space of seven years."

p. 83a Kadmos married Ares's daughter goddess Harmonia ('musical harmony').

Mos^eh married Yitrow's daughter S.ipporah ('talon' {which may be for plucking a lyre}).

Ys^a<yah 6:2

Euangelion kata Ioannes 3:14

W:"SWW" = WIKIPEDIA article "Samaritan Woman at the Well".

"a centurion from Cappadocia named Gaius Cassius Longinus, who was nearly blind," pierced the thorax of Iesous Khristos, causing outflow of water and blood.

{This "ophthalmia" ("HLL") of Longinus might be comparable to the Norse myth of the fatal piercing of the body of Baldr by Ho,dr, who was blind.}

"HLL" = "Holy Lance of Longinus".

[written 11 July 2017]