Bhagavat Gita

Codex Borgia, pp. 18 to 21


9. water etc. as

1. ladleful of water as

ritual offering to deity

ritual offering to deity

10. identity as: Vis.n.u


(whose head became sun) &

2. sun-bedecked

Pavaka (pavana "wind")


11. in sky, Nara-ayana "water-traverser"

3. persons seated on water-pool

12. two aspects of Brahman:

4. two aspects of sling-shot god:

saguna & nirguna

red & black

13. tree as perch for two birds

5. tree with bird

14. white guna, sattva;

6. white pangolin (?);

esteeming of dirt clod

god hoeing field

15. cut down as`vattha tree with axe

7. cutting down tree with axe

16. damnation for doubters of religion

8. darkness realm for auto-decapitator