Mah-meri / Jah-he^t-----------------------------------------Tehuacan

151. Thorny-backed

p. 27. thorny-backed

155. rice-fields

p. 27. watery field

156. Spider-gnome

p. 29. torsoless: limbs attached directly to head

160. Horned earth

p. 30. huge rayed [cf. <ibri^ qarin, both "horn" & "ray"] disk

162. Cricket [artificer-god according to Iban]

p. 30. engravers (?) of disks

163. Scattered-teeth

p. 31. goddess with her teeth showing

164. Sparse-toothed

p. 31. another (or same ?) goddess with her teeth showing

178. Four-headed

p. 31. 4-headed snake (2 heads its own, at ends of body; 2 more [living skulls] within its mouths)

180. scissors

p. 32. scissoring knife-blades as double-head of god

184. Maimed-leg

p. 32. knife-blades on legs

185. Maimed-arms

p. 32. knife-blades on arms

190. Back-of-the-foot {cf. Akhilleus, who pursued [Hektor] around walls [of Ilion], without admittance being found}

p. 32. knife-blade walls affording to admittance

194, 195. lightning

p. 33. elongated white streamer-being (lighting-deity ?)

196. Heat-twisting

p. 33. black streamer [along temple]

197. Aeternal-noise

p. 33, on right. yelping animal-headed god

198. Twins

p. 33. sun-and-moon animals

199. Children's convulsions

p. 33, on right. child (?)

201. Inflated-abdomen

p. 33, on left. man bound around his abdomen

205. Thorny-maggot

p. 33, below. thorny man

214. Lightning

p. 34. elongated white-streamer being (lighting-deity ?)

215. Fan

p. 35. fan (as ornament at back of head)

229. Circumcision

p. 35. penis-piercing (by awl)

247. Spear

p. 36. black-and-white spear

250. Feet-eating

p. 37. foot, with maize (denoting the foot is to be eaten ?)

251. Protruding-teeth

p. 38. protruding teeth (of Tlaloc)

262. Folded-face

p. 38. mug (effigy-face)-jar

264. Bee

p. 38, below on left. 4 insects (bees ?)

266. Pregnancy

p. 39. women

274. Four-eyed

p. 40. god having multiple eyen on his body:

283. Four-handed

having curve behind eye, like Maya God P the tree-toad who hath gloves [a pair of gloves being like extra hands]

285. Dew

p. 41, above. skeletal deity emerging from darkness {cf. "dew of the resurrection"}

291. Blood

p. 41. blood, being quaffed by

292. Sitting

sitting deities (a male & a female)

294. Hill-path

p. 41. path

296. Jungle-track

p. 42. another path

297. Pain-in-chest

p. 42. [speckled] god having heart cut out, and later giving birth from own heart

298. Foot-disease

p. 42. floppy-footed gods

305. Mouth-diseases

p. 43. pierced-tongue man, amidst scene of

311. Penis-sucking

maize-beverage-drinking with maize-goddess below[similar to the Tibetan beverage-drinking scene with a god's having his penis sucked by a monkey-headed woman below him]

312. Jellyfish [whose body is in constant pulsating motion, like hear of vertebrates, and whose tentacles are plant-like]

p. 44. heart as root of striped tree, growing out of

317. sour-faced

tattooed-faced goddess

318. Deafness

p. 45, above. darkness-deity having knife-blades at ears

319. breast-sucking

p. 45, on right. man sucking up white liquid (milk?)

320. tin-mine {cf. the diamond-mine in the story of Sindbad, with Ruh^-bird, transporting Sindbad, flying down into it}

p. 45, on left. stony pit, with eagle-suited god flying down into it

325. Four-faces-of-madness

p. 45. decapitated heads of the Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli-s

340. Navel

p. 46. rumpled-naveled (?) gods, with

342. Blowing

vapor (breath) emerging from their nostrils

349. White-emmet (termite)

p. 46. white god


Roland Werner: Bomoh-Poyang. Dept. of Publication, U. of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1986. pp. 152 to 157

Codex Borgia