1Ndshe^r 2Ndzi 3Mi

Wu-Men-Guan (Mu-Mon-Kan)


1:4 "dog"

1. "dog"

1:4 "fox"


2:1 "in the wooded valley ...

4. "The iron tree blossomed,

Stone and Amhearst pheasants"

The cock laid eggs"

2:2 "at the wooded spur ...

5. "up in a tree"

free your dog"

6Mc. sold dog's meat

2:3 "of the pig"

6Mv."his curly tail"

2:4 "take rocks ... and strike"

7Mc. "the bell"

2:5 "roast"

7Mv. "long been cooked"

2:6 "make a saddle"

8. "made a cart"

2:9 "the spirit of

8Mv. "When spiritual wheels turn, ...

the road ...

They travel"

a white felt"

9. "sat in zazen"

3:1 "Before your sharp spear

10n. "battle ...

are no more rocks, and

to move mountains, ...

ahead of your fast horse"

my horse"

3:2 "mud holes"

11. "The water is too shallow to anchor"

3:3 "put on your hat ...

12Mc. "god-masks and devil-masks and puts them on"

and be not afraid"

13. "clapped his hands" [because afraid]

3:4 "a tiger's skin"

14. "cut the cat"

3:9 "shoe it"

17Mv. "with bare feet"

4:3 "the 2dto-1mba ...

18. ""What is Buddha?" ...


three pounds of flax"

a red suit ...

[which a suit was made out of]

a cave"

19. "outer space"

4:4 "with a white foot"

20. "his legs"

5:3 "the demon"

20Mv. "fourth Dhyana heaven"

5:4 "mourning"

21Mv. "Missed forever."

5:8 "a flag is a

22. "the flagpole"

a fast one able to go"

23. "covered with sweat"

5:9 "fed"

23Mc. "swallow it down"

6:2 "the female ... hemp ...

25. "In a dream"

the male ... hemp ...

25Mv. "a dream in a dream"

the high heavens ... born"

26Mv. "the great sky ... open"

6:7 "Mt. Kailas"

27Mv. "the mountains"

7:3 "because ... in his face ...

28Mv. "Seeing the face

it is not the custom"


8:3 "a golden rope"

29Mc. "gold"

8:4 "he lacked nothing"

30Mv. "With loot in your pocket"

8:5 "Your friends ...

32. "A non-Buddhist philosopher ...

like horses"

[is like] A fine horse"

9:1 "gates ...

33Mv. "When talking, tell one-third of it"

of quarrel ...

[lest a quarrel start]

send back

34Mc. "let slip

word to your relatives"

the family secrets"

9:5 "a woman"

35. "[woman's] soul"

9:9 "with boils"

35Mc. "boiling water"

9:10 "lips"

36Mv. "the jaw"

10:5 [oak (quercus)]

37. "The oak tree"

12:6 "an ox head"

38. "A buffalo ... His head"

13:2 "you flee"

38Mc."you make a complete about face

13:3-12 [the four roads]

... the four kinds ...

14:1 "if you do not know"

If you still are unable"

14:5 "has gone ahead ...

38Mv. "Passing by, ...

the water course"

a ditch"

14:11 "the yak"

38n. "A buffalo"

16:1 "with the pond"

39Mv. "in the rapids"

16:6 "burned incense"

40n. "a tiny burning ember ...

20:10 "like a piece of wood"

called a stump ...

22:4 "to drink"

the water bottle"


1Mun 2Miu 2Ffu^


6:10 snow range

41. "in the snow"

7:1 "wakened"

42. "out of her samadhi"

7:3 "the funeral staff"

43. "shippei" (staff of office)

12:5 [plant species]

44. "a staff"

15:2 "The son repays the father"

45Mc. "encountering your own father"

19:8 the upper detachable part of

46. "the top of

the funeral staff as

a hundred-foot pole"

"a flying bat" [blind as one]

46Mv. "He is ... blind"


2Mb>a-2Mi 1La 2Dta


1:1 "In the beginning of time"

47. "the last moment"

1:4 {glyph: head of rat}

47Mc. "chewing it well"

3:2 "escorted to ...

48. "jumps up to

thrity-three gods"

the ... heaven [of thirty-three gods]"


Joseph F. Rock (transl.):

Katsuki Sekida (transl.):

The 2Zhi 3ma Funeral Ceremony

Two Zen Classics.

of the 1Na-2khi.


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