Chinese h.iu (lunar mansions)

Codex Borgia, pp. 22 to 24


16. tether

2. tethered heart

20. beak

4. beak-mouthed god

21. three

5. three beings at

22. well



6. knife-blade-pierced leopard


[leopards said in South America

23. ghost (of evil person)

to be transmuted ghosts of evil



24. willow

10. tree

25. star

12. starry sky

2. neck

13. cord around neck of god

5. heart

14. three hearts

7. sieve

16. pierced pot containing liquid

8. dipper

[dipperful offered to Tlazolteotl on


p. 76]

10. woman

17. goddess Tlazolteotl


19. colloquy with owl-headed god

12. danger

[owls often being omens of danger]


20. snake around maize-plant [cf.


garden of the Hesperides, guarded


by dragon Ladon and surrounded

14. wall

by a wall. It was walked to by the

15. stride

wide-striding Atlas, ruler of


Atlantis the flooded.]


1. flood gushing out of Cipactli


[cf. water gushing out of caymanís


mouth in Michael Harner: The Way of the Shaman]