North American Coyote = Perseus

Nas^lah = Dionusos

Coyote et al.

Perseus et al.

[Ponka] "Coyote ... leaving just one blunt tooth" (HNAM, p. 81) in one of 3 women.

The 3 Graiai "had a single eye and tooth among the three of them." (GM 73.g) Perseus "snatched the eye and tooth".

[Okanogan] "Coyote created Mount Chopaka and two other peaks of the Okanogan Highlands from two young warriors." (HNAM, p. 78)

Perseus encountered "Atlas ... whom ... he ... transformed ... into a mountain." (GM 73.i)

[Klikitat] "Coyote cut pieces from Nashlahís heart and roasted them."

Athene "rescuing Zagreusís heart" (GM 30.b). [Zagreus was the former incarnation of Dionusos.]

Coyote transformed (HNAM, p. 82) Nas^lah into a whirlpool (whereinto persons would drown in a pool of the Columbia river.

Perseus drowned (CDCM, p. 343b) Dionusos in the lake at Lerne. Dionusos descended (GM 27.k), via Lerne, into Tartaros.

[White Mountain Apac^e] "He did indeed cook his corn first, ate some, and then planted the rest." (HNAM, p. 79)

Dionusos protected (CDCM, p. 65a) a heroine (Ino) when she was about to be slain on account of her having induced the sowing of parched corn.

This corn had originated from Turkeyís shaking its feathers;

Ino became (GM 70.h) Leuko-thea the seamew (GM 170.y). {cf. the dove bringing, across the sea,

whereas juniper-berries [a green fruit] originated from

[Atheneís?] olives [a green fruit] to the ark of Noh. (B-Re>s^it 8:11).}

Bearís shaking its fur (HNAM, p. 78).

He to whom Leuko-thea came, namely Odusseus, had a sister named (CDCM, p. 83a) Kallisto : Kallisto became (CDCM, p. 82b) a bear.

[Klamat] "He changed course of the Klamath River ... upstream on one side and downstream on the other." (HNAM, p. 78)

Perseus killed (CDCM, p. 343b) Ariadne who had enabled other hero (Theseus) to return (from the Labyrinth) via the identical path wherethrough he had entered it.

{With Dionusosís descent into the pool at Lerne, cf. the descent by Aztec shamanesses into the netherworld via a whirlpool (DE&S, p. 69).}

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