Popol Vuh 1:3---------S2614-------------------5 doors of peak---------labors of Heraklees

5. caverns


1a. green lion

1st lion of Nemea in cavern

4. hot stones on heads


2nd hot brands for cauterizing


1b. red tiger

6th leopard-like


2a. buffalo-head

7th bull of Krete


8. horse-faced

2b. horse-face

8th mares of Diomedes


7. ox-headed


10th cattle of Geruoneus;

3. birds of the barnyard

6. copper-beaked birds


5. arrow-feathered goblins



2. grinding-stones

4. from mid-air: metal thorns etc.


stones rain from heaven


3. copper hounds

3a. iron hound

11th Kerberos the hell-hound


2. iron snakes

3b. bronze serpent

12th Ladon the dragon;

1. sticks

1. sword-trees

(p. 79) tree

apple-trees of the Hesperides


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The Book of the People:


by Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley

from Adrián Recino's translation

from Quiché into Spanish


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