Chinese route of the dead-------------------------------Judges of Yis`ra^>e_l

43 (2). Serpent of bronze

brazen serpent (BM 21:6)

43 (1). Hound

Ka^le_b (S^ 1:12) "hound"

42. statues (made of metal ?)

+<aksa^h (S^ 1:13) "anklet" {cf. khadi "anklets" of the Marut-s, whose name is cognate with Mar[t]-s, god of iron-workers}

41. peaches of the Immortals

city of palm-trees (S^ 1:16)

40. tremble

Ga<as^ (S^ 2:9) "quake"

33. slaughter water-buffalo

murdered <eglo^n (S^ 3:21-22) "calf"

32. receive very good tea

received milk to drink (S^ 4:19)


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B-Mdbr; S^pt.ym