Chinese route of the dead------------------------Iban route of the dead

23. Prairies (ts'a-pou)

3. "area of tall grass (lallang)"

25. where reigneth sadness

4. "sad"

26. trail of crowd of Kuei

10. "various races of people"

27. paved route

18. "crushed bones" [cf. human bones underlying elevated paved walkway of the Great Wall, of Ts'in dynasty]

28. where risk being frozen on drinking water

23. "Died from Drowning"

32. garden where receive very good tea

25. "drinking ... holding cups of tuba"

33. where men kill domesticated beasts

26. domesticated "fighting cocks"

36. mountain of the decapitated

27. "The Country of Headless Warriors"

39. place of the slaughter of hounds

30. "fierce hunting dogs"

40. Bridge

31. river "to be crossed by a borrowed boat."

41. Inn of peaches & plums

34. "Successful Paddy Farmers"

42. Palace T'ong-piao Kong for statues of divinities [made of metals ?]

35. country of smith-god [metals-worker]


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1st. Green Lion & Red Tiger

Green Lion [& Red Lion] of European alchemy

2nd. Buffalo-head & Horse-face

Aurochs as Norse Run; ox-head in Hymis-kvida; head of Haya-griva (Tantrik)

3rd. Hound of iron & Serpent of bronze

[= p. 77, # 43]

Ka^le_b "hound"; brazen serpent^-ta^n, uplifted by Mo_s^eh

4th . a judge & a little demon

Kemetian BS the pygmy

5th. a judge & a scribe

Citra-gupta the scribe


ibid., p. 78