Book of Day

Codex Borgia

p. 391 1:1 God with two bird-heads.

p. 64, 17a +Chalchiuhtotolin "Jewel Bird".

p. 393 a column.

17b vertical tubes.


p. 63, 18a +Chantico, wearing pearls (?)

(in double outline).

(pearls are layered).

p. 396 "Lord of the Interior

18b man descending mine-shaft (?);

who is not heard".

unblown conch:

god with torch

the man is holding plant (torch ?), and

"He who makes the red".

the mine-shaft is red.

p. 397 1:2 goddess "Magic"

p. 62, 19a +Xochiquetzal, of tattooed face

(the frog-goddess).

(as though warty, as of toad).

p. 399 "In the center of his eye".

19b god having speckle-encircled eye.

p. 404 12:3 [1st r. of Corr., v. p. 395] "Flame".

p. 61, 20a Xiuhtecuhtli the fire-god.


20b Xipe Totec as wearer of human skin

12:5 "Gold of the Gods".

(representing sheet of gold).


p. 61, 1 Tonacatecutli seated in

p. 405 "Vine Press".

flat-bottomed container (press ?).


p. 62, 2a Topiltzin, who committed incest.

"The Progenitor".

(as per Mixtec royal procreation).

p. 407 "The Engendering (?) Soul" of sun-god.

2b half-sun.


Book of What Is In The Netherworld

Codex Borgia

p. 232 1:1 Heart of the Earth".

p. 63, 3a Tepeyollotl "Heart of the Earth".

goddess "The Throat" [in Kun.d.alini yoga,


to the throat is assigned the red water lily].

3b red-lipped goddess,

p. 234 goddess "Slaughterer of the rebels".

capturing enemy.

p. 236 1:4 "The Dancing One".

p. 64, 4a Huehuecoyotl the dance-god.

p. 237 "The Roarer".

4b speckled-lipped talking-god.

goddess "The One of the City".

4c woman in despoiled temple.


p. 65, 5a +Chalchihuitlicue,

p. 244 2:3 "they who bring water".

producing water (from her body).

p. 246 "the plants".

5b woman cultivating.


p. 66, 6a Tecciztecatl the moon-god

p. 250 3:2 "Knife Face".

(cf. knifeblade in moon):

"Blazing Face".

he threw himself into fiery furnace.

"The One who sees the limits".

6b rabbit confined within square.

p. 252 3:3 god with the scepter.

6c man holding bent stick.

p. 257 4:2 Holy Way of

p. 67, 7a path of

"He Whose Mysteries are Hidden".

Tlaloc as holder of

"He of the Tassel".

the tasselled bag.

p. 259 4:3 three-headed serpent "Shaker".

7b two-headed serpent.

p. 268 5:3 "their water is like fire".

p. 68, 8b liquor-fermentation.

p. 272 6:1 goddess "the Weaver".

8a +Mayahuel with (fiber-plant) maguey.

p. 274 6:3 "may your hearts breathe".

8c spitted heart.

p. 275 "supply the spirits with water".

8d man as drinker.

p. 282 7:3 sun god R<

p. 70, 10c sun-god Tonatiuh

"He of the Horizon".

on platform.

p. 289 8:2 "they swallow their swords".

p. 70, 11b shield & sword.

p. 290 8:3 "the cry of male cats".

11c leopard with

"Knife of the Shoulder of the Earth".

knives stuck in its body.

p. 295 9:1 :The Clothed One".

p. 69, 12a garb-swathed Ixquimilli.

p. 297 9:3 "She who scatters Stars".

12b stars in a cavern.

p. 300 10:1 goddesses "Crown ...".

p. 68 13a +Tlazolteotl wearing tiara.

serpent "Double-Entwined One".

13b snake.

p. 303 10:2 The four with spears.

p. 67, 14a Xipe Totec holding spears.

p. 304 10:3 four goddesses with serpents

14b plumed serpent

on their heads.

swallowing man headfirst.

p. 307 11:1 goddess as "her own body ...

p. 66, 15a +Itzpapalotl.

above the constellation" S^dw.

15b star in house.

"The One with paralyzed arms (?)".

p. 65, 16c amputated deer-limb.


16b "4 Earthquake".

p. 308 11:2 "Opener of the Ways" (jackal-god).

16a hound-god Xolotl.

twelve carriers of the serpent.

16d cut-up serpent.


Alexandre Piankoff: The Tomb of Ramesses VI.




Pantheon Books, NY, 1954.