Derdekeas = Pearly Emperor

Paraphrase of Seem



Derdekeas = DAR ‘pearl’ (Strong’s 1858) + DOQ ‘curtain’ (Strong’s 1852).

"Pearly Emperor" has a "curtain that concealed his sacred countenance." (EAM 4:88)

"I am the ray of the universal light." (GB, p. 441)

"From his eyes there shone forth a wonderful light which penetrated into the highest heaven" (EAM 4:83).

"he had aroused the water" (GB, p. 442).

"the rock-born money ... disappeared down the spring." (EAM 4:83)

"I put on my garment" (GB, p. 444).

"he ... seized the clothes" (EAM 4:84).

"the toil of nature." (GB, p. 445)

"to spend their whole time with worldly affairs." (EAM 4:84)

"the cloud of silence." (GB, p. 446)

"the Door of Silence" (EAM 4:85).

"I came in the cloud ... . ... I appeared in the cloud" (GB, p. 446).

"I ... can transform myself into a floating cloud" (EAM 4:85).

"A light went down to chaos filled with ... dust, which is crooked below." (GB, p. 447).

"this rod of iron ... emitting a brilliant glow from the earth where it lay buried." (EAM 4:86)

"Osei, ... the eye of heaven" (GB, p. 455).

"Thousand-Mile-Eye" (EAM 4:87)

"the mind of the wind of darkness." (GB, p. 457)

"Favourable-Breeze" (EAM 4:87)

"the star of the light that was ... in Hades" (GB, p. 456).

"The White-Gold-Star Ruler" (EAM 4:87) {platinum?}

"Moluchthas ... has the likeness of ... a unicorn." (GB, p. 457)

Sun was appointed "the master of the Imperial stables." (EAM 4:88)

"the stars ... are cast out" (GB, p. 457)

"the stars fell like rain." (EAM 4:88)

"up to the root of the light." (GB, p. 459)

"they became rooted to the spot." (EAM 4:88)

"my garment of fire ...

the sight of the fish. ...

She blew upon the water. The heaven was created ... from the foam" (GB, p. 449).

Sun "changed himself into a sparrow {is the the "red sparrow" as fire-deity?},

then a fish,

then a bubble". (EAM 4:89)

"She was about to restrain Soldas, ... who was set on high, on the tree of error" (GB, p. 459). {cf. twin brethren, who when they ascended a tree, had their clothing changed into tails (acc. to Popol Vuh)}

"recognized him by his tail, which was changed in a flagstaff at the back, instead of in front, of the temple." (EAM 4:89)

This was intended to "snare" Derdekeas. (GB, p. 459)

Sun was caught by the "iron ring’ of Lao-tsz. (EAM 4:89)

SoLDas = SeLeD (Strong’s 5540), from /salad/ ‘harden self’ (Strong’s 5539).

No weapon "could make any impression upon" Sun’s body (because he had hardened it). (EAM 4:89)

"they will behead the woman" Rebouel (GB, p. 460).

"He managed to extricate his head and would have escaped. But ... ." (EAM 4:89)

EAM = EAST OF ASIA MAGAZINE, vol. 4 (Shanghai, 1905), pp. 80-89 James Ware : "The Fairyland of China".

GB = Barnstone & Meyer : The Gnostic Bible. 2003.

[The Paraphrase of Seem, in mentioning a woman’s masturbating herself (GB, p. 450, fn. 36), is likely to have been composed by a woman.]