Evocation by Interrogation------------------------------Run (Anglo-Saxon)

1. Rites of Purification and Procedural Order "the specific birth date" (p.85)

24. Dag ("Day")

2. Ensnared in Cosmic Nets "the Celestial Net" (p. 90)

23. Etel inheritance [this is, as it were, a safety-net of insurance]

2. "Terrestrial Maze"(p.90)

22. Ing (Norse Yngvi): "followed by his chariot, he departed eastward over the waves" [cf. the crossing of the sea over floating stones in the Rama-ayana, followed by the finding of, according to Al-Be^ru^ni^'s India, of a maze-citadel]

2. "a clap of thunder" (p. 90)

21. Lagu ("Lake") where on the rollijng barque "the waves of the sea terrify them" [due to storm, as on lake ("sea") of Galilee]

3. Exposed by their own Reflections "the possessing spirit is the mystery person, appearing on stage" (p. 91)

20. Man "is doomed to fail his fellow, since the Lord will by his decree commit the vile carrion to the earth" [similar to Shakespeare's "strut his hour on stage ... then is no more"]

3. "to send forth a special convoy on a search mission" (p. 93) "the spectres themselves can be made to shine in the dark" (p. 100) "those who Suffer from Distressful Sleep and Cannot be Awakened ... for nightmarish experiences" (p. 102) "sticking needles under the nails of the patient's big toes." (p. 103) [do the needles here repraesent nails in horseshoes?]

19. Eh ("Horse") of "rich men on horseback" [nightmare ?]

4. "Under Siege" (p. 103)

18. Beorc ("Birch") [Zaratustrian Al-Burz ("Mt. Birch") is the mountain surrounding the world, like a city-wall surrounding a city to protect it when under siege]

5. Forcible Seizure "the victim trembles ... A visible tremor" (p. 110) "into a dark corner" (p. 112)

17. Tir "a guiding star ... of night" [a twinkling star, twinkling as if with tremor]

6. Bound by Rope "mouthfuls of ... water ... spits out at the face" (p. 113)

16. Sigel ("Sail") [a sail is tied in place by rope; the spray of the sea is felt on one's face]

7. Yoked in Cangues "the God of ... Moats" (p. 115) "delivers this blow ...of the Double-edged Sword" (p. 116)

15. Eolh-secg ("Elk-sedge") "grows in water and makes a ghastly wound"

8. Flogged "the Exemplary Matriarch ... Great Faceless ... flogging ... force it to reveal its name" (p. 119)

14. Peort ("Chesspiece") [a chesspiece would normally be faceless]

9. Pummeled by Fists "... hold him down!" (p. 122)

13. Eoh ("Yew") held "fast ... by its roots"

10. "Roasted under the Cosmic Fire-Wheel" (p. 122) [the year is the wheel of the gods, according to the Veda]

12. Ger ("Year")

11. Frozen in Ice "river gods ... to freeze the hun-souls" (p.124)

11. Is ("Ice") "a floor" [on river ?]

12. Crushed under the Weight of Mountains "press down! ... sharp pressure" (p. 126)

10. Nyd ("Need") "is oppressive"

13. Restrained with Heads Enswathed "embodiment of ursa Major ... gowned in white" (p. 127)

9. Hagal ("Hail") "the whitest ... from the vault of heaven"

14. Transferred to Surrogates ("cannot" be "ordeal of investigation" for the accused -- p. 130)

8. Wynn ("Bliss") "not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety"

[15.] A Full Ritual Sequence for Treating Acute Cases "the Arbiter of Destinty ..., i.e., kitchen god" (p. 135)

7. Gyfu ("Gift"): "it furnishes ... subsistence" of food (from the kitchen)

[15.] "pacing out the pattern of the Constellation of the Three Terraces" (p. 135)

6. Ken ("Torch") [cf. Dionysiac torch-processions]

[15.] "in this region ... in ... the Great Killer Pattern" (p. 137)

5. Rad ("Riding") = judicial circuit (region of jurisdiction)

[15.] "the Lock" (p.137)

4. Os ("God") "is the source of all language, a pillar of wisdom"

[15.] "Vitalized by a possessing spirit ten times his usual strength" (p.138)

3. Torn ("Thorn"): cf. name of thurs ("giant") Bo,l-Torn

[15.] "... with utmost speed! ... immediately!" (p. 139)

2. Ur ("Early")

[15.] "the Officer also extracts a payment" (p. 144)

1. Feoh ("Fee")

Judith Magee Boltz: Taoist Rites of Exorcism. PhD diss., U. of CA,1985.