Alison Roberts : Hathor Rising. 1995.

p. 58a "Baba ... dares to insult the sun god". [This "sun god", however, is R<-H.R-LH^TY]

p. 58b " ‘Lady of the Southern Sycamore’, the tree-goddess of Memphis ... came and stood before her father ... . She uncovered her genitals before him. And then the great god smiled at her." {cf. S^into laughter by the gods when goddess Ame-no-Uzume performed her strip-dance}

p. 101b "the baboon god Bata insults Re".

p. 89a B3T3 : "Bata ... throws his phallus into the water. ... He tells Anubis he is going to live in the Valley of the Pine, where he will remove his heart ... and place it at the top of a pine tree. Moreover, Anubis can make amends ... by searching for his heart should the pine tree ever be cut down. He will know when this happens because his beer will begin to ferment. If he finds the heart, he should place it in a jar of cool water so that it will revive, for it is from this living heart that Bata will be regenerated. Like ... Zagreus in Orphic religion ... whose heart is rescued by Pallas". {cf. theft of pine-nuts by Shoshoni Coyote; heart of Quetzalcoatl; and related California Indian epics}

p. 90c H^NWM molded a woman : "one day, as she is walking near the pine tree where Bata’s heart lies, the sea billows up and tires to embrace her and, as she flees the wave, a tress of her hair is snatched away by the tree’s branches. {Rape of the Lock} The sea carries it to the place in Egypt where the Pharaoh’s servant wash the royal garments."

p. 91a revivification of heart of B3t3 by his brother I,NPW : Having found "heart lying on the ground ..., he places it in a bowl of water and it swells ... into a new life. Bata, having transformed himself into a splendid bull {cf. Mino-tauros the bull who emerged from the sea}, sets out for Egypt with Anubis on his back". But the Pharaoh slew this bull {cf. Theseus’s slaying the Mino-tauros = Mitra’s bull} because his queen (B3T3’s quondam wife) "desires to eat the liver as sacrificial meat."

p. 91b how B3T3 became his own quondam wife’s son : When two persea-trees are chopped down, "as she watches the felling, a splinter of wood flies into her mouth, which she unwittingly swallows. In this way she becomes pregnant". {cf. Irish myth of woman being impraegnated by swallowing, in grain-guise, man whom she seeketh to slay by devouring.}

p. 98b SWTH : "Seth leaps like a ram upon the Seed Goddess, whom he espies bathing in the water and ‘covers her like a bull’. He ... ‘copulated with her with fire after raping her with a chisel’. ... after leaping on the Seed Goddess, his seed ... went to his forehead and he became ill." {cf. Zeus impraegnated and swallowed the goddess Metis, he became, in is forehead, sick of a splitting headache.}

p. 100a, with p. 177a bibliographic reference -- translation of The Contendings of Horus and Seth in Lichtheim : Ancient Egyptian Literature 2:214-23