meaning of Run


1. help vs. sorrow

2. ur (Norw.)

slag [slung at Geirro,d]

2. cure vs. disease

3. torn (Engl.)

thorn [for acupuncture ?]

3. dulling vs. swords

5. Reginn (Norw.)

forger of sword

4. breaking vs. shackles

6. kaun (Icel.)

ulcer (caused by shackles ?)

5. eye sv. arrow

9. haegl (Engl.)

hailstone (sphaere, like eye)

6. retroaction vs.

10. naud (Icel.)

need [the needy, i.e. those


having taken vow of poverty,


are able to exorcize effects of




7. rescuing vs. hall-afire

11. iss (Icel.)

ice (the opposite of fire)

8. reconciliation vs. hate

14. peord (Engl.)


9. ship vs. sea-storm

16. segel (Engl.)

sail of ship

10. flying witches, flying

17. Tyr (Icel.)

[cognate with Skt. dyau

in the sky




18. beorc (Engl.)

birch [birch is fed on by the

11. shield


"motherly shield bug"]

12. resuscitation vs.

19. eh (Engl.)

horse [Odinn's horse =

hanging on gallows




20. madr (Icel.)

[cognate with Skt. mutra

13. holy water



14. names vs. people

22. Ynglingr (Icel.)

[a name for the "people"]

15. clarity vs. gates of day

24. daeg (Engl.)


16. sexual seduction-magic

28. ior (Engl.)

beaver [seduction-magic ?]


29. ear (Engl.)

corpse begins to cool

17. joining in matrimony


[til death do us part]


1. feoh (Engl.)

fee [only to fee-paid

18. only to paramour is


prostitute would S^ims^o^n

secret imparted


impart honey-lore]

Bill Griffiths: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic. Anglo-Saxon Books, 1996. articles 21 to 23