3. square crest of hill

p. 86 mountains & lakes

Mt. >ra^rat. at deluge with square ark (Br>s^yt 8:4)


p. 87 couple were seen copulating and the gods were informed of this

No_h.a was seen naked and his sons were informed of this (Br>s^yt 9:22)

4. climbing house

p. 88 building tower

tower of Ba^bel --

7. fool

confusion of languages: "lacking intelligence"

confusion of languages (Br>s^yt 11:9)

8. Sibau MELANau

p. 89 serpent blocked rivers,

par<o_h as dragon in river of Mis.rayim http://bible.crosswalk.com/OnlineStudyBible/bible.cgi?word=eze+29:3&version=kjv&st=1&sd=1&new=1&showtools=1 Mis.rayim = land of MELAN-podes

10. paddy

causing deluge

par<o_h's daughter at river: bullrushes (S^mwt 2:5)

11. climb mountain


Mo_s^eh arrived at Mt. H.o_re_b (S^mwt 3:1)

12. travellers take a respite


remove shoes (S^mwt 3:5)

15. cool


"snow" (S^mwt 4:6)

16. women regain physical health after giving birth to babies


+S.ipporah circumcised her infant son (S^mwt 4:25)

17. magic plant


magic rod (S^mwt 7:9)

18. cock to 2nd heaven

p. 90 partridge to sky

quail (S^mwt 16:13)

20. [? miscegenation] women & their bird-husbands

p. 91 wooden phallos attracteth woman to copulate

S^it.t.i^m-wood (BMdbr 25:1) attracteth woman to miscegenation (BMdbr 25:4):

24. double-arrowed warrior


Pi^nh.a^s grasped spear (BMdbr 25:5)


p. 94 cockroach went to fetch sweets:

honey (Dbrym 32:13)


p. 95 ashes were falsely mixed into them

bitter foods (Dbrym 32:32)

25.Tuton sitteth all day

p. 96 suns remain in sky

sun & moon simultaneously in sky (Yhs^w< 10:12) http://bible.crosswalk.com/OnlineStudyBible/bible.cgi?word=jos+10:12&version=kjv&st=1&sd=1&new=1&showtools=1


p. 98 thumbs were cut off green frog;

thumbs were cut off >do_ni^-Bezeq (S^pt.ym 1:6)

29. moon



32. maker of mankind;

p. 100 giving of intelligence & wisdom to humans


p. 102 tail

Lu^z "coccyx, tailbone" (S^pt.ym 1:26)


p. 103 burial under upside-down basket

burial at Timnat-H.eres (S^pt.ym 2:9) -- timnat "portion" (i.e., potsherd) + h.eres "itch" (i.e., for scraping) http://bible.crosswalk.com/Lexicons/Hebrew/heb.cgi?search=2777&version=kjv&type=eng&submit=Find

-- cf. residing, Diogenes-like, under upside-down urn, during "scraping on the urn with a piece of brick" from the outside (ODG, p. 34)

valley of rocky shelters


quarries (S^pt.ym 3:26)

37. change to best clothing;

pp. 104-5 gold clothing was awarded, but not retained

despoiled of gold earrings (S^pt.ym 8:26)

take a bath;

p. 108 bathing

river-fords (S^pt.ym 12:5)

produce foods from own bodies


produce honey from corpse of lion (S^pt.ym 14:8)


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