#----------Kaya^n monarch----------------------------------Tehuacan


Haoma plant

p. 24, # 20. maize-plant


30:1 the 4 foods [eaten by Ma^s^ya & +Ma^s^yO^i^); 30:2 10 years without food

p. 25 4 gods, around the sign "10 earthquake"


dying of Gayomart (= Skt. Gaya, dying-place + mrtyu "death")

p. 26 the 4 dyings


31:1 HaoS`YaM.ha = Skt. Ati-S`aYiN "lying in the sky" (according to the commentary on the Linga Puran.a)

p. 27 various skies


31:2 Tah^mo^ Uru-pa "wide-drinking"

p. 28 water is poured into upturned face of woman


Yima, who was hacked into pieces

p. 29 [black] spinal-column god (= Dd spinal-column of Wsir, who was killed by being dismembered)


Az^i ("ophidian", so named because they grews out of both his shoulders) Daha^ka, son of the daughter of Udai^ (= Uda, who frighteneth person by striking them on their back -- Bundahis^n 28:19)

p. 30 2 ophidians;

walled with ribs, thus representing one's back


Narsahi [brother of Yima] shall make all food clean. (Greater Bundahis^n 35:6)

p. 31 spurting water (for washing ?); plant-goddesses (for food ?)


Assistant [to Az^i Daha^ka] was [Yima's brother] Spitiyura (< *S`viti-), who cut up Yima

p. 32 double-knife-headed god


GeSAR [the ancestor (Bundahis^n 31:7) to Trae^taona] = Skt. GHuS`ma-is`vARa (in Hevajra Tantra), a slaughterer of humans

p. 32 head-hunters


TRaE^TaONa = Hel. TRITON the conch = TRITa who descended, by means of a rope, into a cistern

p. 33 & 34 [white] ropes


AiRIJ = ERIK [in the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus], who saw snake cooked in pot = Attic ERIKHthonios

p.38 rainbow-snake in crenellated ring


Manush-i khvarshet-pa-vini, on whose nose fell a ray of light

p. 40 god wearing straight nose-plug


Bundahis^n 31:1-7. In:-- E. W. West (transl.): Pahlavi Texts. Oxford U. Press, 1880. Greater Bundahis^n at


Codex Borgia