Kemetian = Moki = Quiche`




1:18 While they were "drinking wine",

1:7 While they were drinking liquor,

1:19 collapse of house was caused by protege of sons of >lohi^m (1:6).

Collapse of house on 400 boys was caused.

2:2 "going to and fro ... walking up and down".

1:8 crawling, climbing.

2:7 sore boils.


[ "crab" cognate with "trembling" (H/EE/HD).]

zivan "caverns" to reach crab-idol, also as path to Xibalba (< xib "trembling"). n. 48:6

3:9 liwyatan the crocodile.

death of Zipac-na the cayman (alligator).

3:16 nepel "untimely", epithet of antediluvian giants, who were on Mt. Hermon (LB, p. 63).

1:9 Cabrakan the giant demolished mountains.

3:24 seeking food in vain.

Cabrakan was hungry, sought food.




continuation of the same:-


New Mexico & MesoAmerica




hand of H.r was amputated by his own mother (p. 126).

PV 1:6 = 7 Macaw on page 37 of Madrid Codex, according to David Kelley (p. 78); severed human arm in beak of macaw, in Codex Borgia (p. 79).

naks.atra Bahu "arm"


"Then she ... lubricates his penis, masturbating him".


naks.atra-goddess Hastini

hand = planet Mars

lettuce of goddess.

PV 2:2 forbidden fruit sought by girl.


panther (p. 127, fig. 3.8).

House of Cougars (p. 81).


"great body of water" (p. 128).

Apache "Born of Water" (p. 78).


B3l3: "his penis ... a catfish swallows it".

twins become catfish (pp. 84, 142).


penis = planet Saturn

"blossom of the tree" <s^.


naks.atra Pus.ya


B3l3: "he is, as he says, a woman" (p. 129).

younger twin is sometimes female (p. 77); or [at Mimbres] a male transvestite / berdache (p. 113).


<s^ tree is cut down.

tree (PV 2:5 climbed by monkey-twins = 2nd pair of twins, in Zun~i myth, p. 79), collapsing while climbed in Codex Borgia.


B3l3: "his heart ... in a bowl".

human heart (artificial one is made by captor of Xkik' "rubber", PV 2:3).


B3l3 is resuscitated.

Hunahpu is resuscitated (p. 84).


RO, pp. 125-129

MI, pp. 78 sq.


RO = Tom Hare: Remembering Osiris. Stanford U. Pr, 1999.

MI = Marc Thompson: Mimbres Iconology. Ph.D. thesis, U. of Calgary, 1999.

PV = Popol Vuh

H/EE/HD = Dov ben-Abba: Hebrew/English English/Hebrew Dictionary.