Hou-tu = Theseus = Ka->omea

Kua-fu = Mounitos = *Sua



Sandwich I.s

Hou-tu was a man whom a river-turtle intended to devour (HChM, p. 137).

Theseus was intended to be devoured by a sea-turtle (GM 96.f).


Theseus disclosed his sword as token (GM 97.d).

Ka->omea = ka >ouli ‘the omen’ (HD)

"Houtu also functioned as the ruler of the netherworld, Youdu" (HChM, p. 136).

Theseus visited (GM 103.c) the ruler of the netherworld, Haides.


The grandson of Hou-tu was Kua-fu :

The grandson of Theseus was Mounitos.

The grandson of Ka->omea was ("KG") Hua.

"There were two yellow snakes encircling his ears" (HChM, p. 156).

Mounitos "was bitten by a snake while


hunting at" Olunthos (CDCM, s.v. "Acamas") : its name */WOLUNTH-/ is cognate with the Norse name /VOLUND/ of the artificer adorning with human eyeballs.

Hua was contemporary with (HM, p. 380) La>a-mai-kahiki, who was named after Rata who obtained "eyeballs" (Rarotona -- HM, p. 268).

"Kuafu was a man who lived at the shore of the east sea. He was good at walking and running ... . ... When he ran ..., he was so thirsty that he died there." (HChM, p. 157)


"A drought ensues" (HM, p. 382) as a result of Hua’s having sent his men to the seacoast (HM, p. 381).


The name /MOUNito-/ may be cognate with Skt. /MAUNa/ ‘silence’.

Hua’s wife’s name was ("HML") Hiki-molu-o-leo ‘Hiki Silent-of-Voice’.

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Hua died at ("H") Niua -- /niua/ ‘whirled dizzy’ (HD).

Hua put to death (HM, p. 381) a seer whose sons were named (HM, p. 382) Ka>a-... -- /ka<a/ ‘dizzy’ (HD).

Thus, it is implied that Hua died through the machinations of those two sons.

"H" = http://www.kekoolani.org/Pages/9053%20Kekoolani%20Genealogy%20Database/pafg07.htm#56

Chinese & North American fiery mountain-tripod

"there were three mountains in the east of Chenzhou Prefecture (now part of Hunan Province), standing like three legs of a tripod caldron thousands of feet high {tall}. They were said to be the legs of the cauldron used by Kuafu when he ... cooked there along the way." (HChM, p. 156)

"Three white marble thrones" of Theseus’s maternal grandfather Pittheus are at (GM 95.c) Troizen, where Theseus was reared (GM 95.f), for the triple goddess Themis.

cf. "the Idaho Stargate’s Three Buttes (dormant volcanoes)" ("GM") useful for " "Anchoring the Light" in the Lost Rivers, Idaho area".

"In Anding Country (now in Gansu Province), there was a knowll ... which was said to be formed by the sand and earth shaken out of Kuafu’s shoes." (HChM, p. 156)

Nigh unto Troizen were placed for Theseus "sandals under a hollow rock" (GM 95.e).

"GM" = Marilyn La Croix : Creating from the Future. cap. 3 "The Great Mother" http://www.futurerealities.info/Gaia.html