"Confucius was ten feet tall"

1. "His nine-cubit body"


"a hillock head"

2. "His head is like ... Mount Ri-rab."


"square face"


"Square jaw." (p.225)

"moon-like protuberances [on his forehead]"

4. "His forehead is ... like the half moon."

"protuberance on the head." (p. 235)

"sun-like nose"


"Nose that emits light." (p. 227)

"dipper-like lips"

10. "His upper lip is ... like water dropped"


11. "His lower lip is ... like the sesame flower."

"The lower lip like the stalk of a loutus flower" (p. 225)

"a brilliant face"

17. "His complexion is ... bright like sunshine"


"a supporting throat"


"the neck like beryl cylinder" (p.239)


13. "his teeth are forty-two,

"Forty teeth of the mouth." (p. 225)

"joined teeth"

white, and ... close together."

"White ... teeth without gaps" (p. 225)

"a tiger's paws"

23. "His nails are the red ..."

"The marks of the nails are like red copper on whose tips there are five lion's mouths." (p. 243)

"his eyebrows ... had twelve colors"


"The color is glamorous ... of the hairs" (p. 524)


5. "His eyes, varicolored"

"The eyes of the Buddha are blue" (p. 237)

"his eyes had sixty four veins"


"four hundred and four veins directly entering the brain" (p. 235)


29. "The calves of his legs are like those of the e-na-ya antelope."

"Like calves of a black antelope." (p. 242)


30. "The ankles ...have ... very broad bulges"

"invisible ankles" [bulged] (p. 242)

"Standing he was like a flock of phoenixes"

32. "His style of walking is ... like that of ... geese."


"sitting he as like a dragon crouching"


"The joint-bones are intertwined [like] coiled nagas" (p. 242)

"His chest corresponded to a carpenter's square"


"svastika marks on the chest" (p. 229)

"designs on his palms"


"among the lines of his palms ... the palace of Mahes`vara" (p.228)


26. "His private the-ber is ... like the horse's"

his penis "like that of a horse king" (p. 383)


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