Algonkin god Mana-bus^ (‘Gigantic Hare’) = Vis.n.u/Kr.s.n.a



"Manabozho climbed on Buzzard’s back and soon they were flying" (HNAM, p. 128).

Vis.n.u rideth on the back of the flying bird Garud.a (often identified as a vulture).

Mana-boz^o balded the head of Buzzard (HNAM, p. 128).

Devotees of Kr.s.n.a are shaven (mun.d.a)-headed.

[Eastern Ojibwa] "Nenabush ... ran off with all of the women’s skirts." (HNAM, p. 130)

Acyuta (Kr.s.n.a) stole the skirts of the women at Vr.n.d.avan.a.

[Wisconsin Ojibwa] Wene-bojo’s youngest brother "was a stone. ... So Wenebojo poured water over the brother and the stone cracked to pieces." (HNAM, p. 131)

Jagad-natha the "stone Deity can do what is considered miraculous things, like walk, talk, etc." As for that aspect of Jagad-natha known as Alar-natha, "the stone melted" ("R-YF").

HNAM = Dawn E. Bastian & Judy K. Mitchell : Handbook of Native American Mythology. Oxford U Pr, 2004.

"R-YF" =