Codex Manuel (Vindobonensis)---------------The Classic of the Great Wilderness

p. 1a (52b) corner of constellationed sky

14:2 "At the southeastern corner ..."

p. 1a (52b) man with speech-scroll issuing from his mouth

14:3 Big-speech

p. 1a (52b) small person arising out of the earth

14:5 There is the Country of Small-people. "Their name is the Little People."

p. 1a (52b) living corpse-god

14:6 The name of the deity is the Corpse of Tiller Rain-ghost.

p. 1a (52b) water issuing

14:7 There is Mt. Stream.

p. 1a (52b) man on hill; a drooping plant

14:8 "They eat millet."

p. 1a (52b) row of knife-blades

14:10 "a sword"

p. 1b (52a) god & goddess upon starry sky

14:13 Mt. Bright-star

p. 1b (52a) god & goddess, each having a protruding tooth

14:17 Black-tooth country

p. 2a (51d) wind-helmeted god & goddess, identified as Mixtec leopard-deities

14:19 "There is a god-human here, with ... a tiger's body".

p. 2a (51d) 4 naked gods, each named "Wind"

14:20 "he causes the coming and going of the winds."

p. 2b-d (51a-c) gods, each having a snake hooked around his body

14:23 "Hook as their family name."

p. 3a (50d) god, with earthquake-glyph on back, seated on earthquake-glyph

14:28 Mt. Shake

p. 3d (50a) silk-cotton tree

14:30 sweet-bloom trees

p. 4d (49a) jade (?)

14:30 "the legacy jade"

p. 5a (48c) contortionist man

14:31"a person called Supple."

p. 5c (48a) descending of dragon-helmeted god from the sky

14:32 "Responding Dragon could not go back up to the sky."

p. 5b (48b) painting of codex by scribe

14:32 "... people make an image of Responding Dragon."

p. 6b (47a) god Ehecatl beneath and upholding the caelestial sea; in [same ?] water is an animal

14:33 In the East Sea there is Mt. Flow-wave. "It is submerged in the sea ... On its summit there is an animal."

p. 7b (46c) double-headed serpent

15:1 "an animal with a left head and a right head."

p. 7b (46c) footprints

15:1 "Its name is the pawprint-kick."

p. 7c (46b) water amidst 4 segments of starry sky

15:2 Mt. Flood-sky

p. 7c (46b) wave-coil

15:2 "twist-coil"

p. 7c (46b) leopard (toting water-basin)

15:2 leopards

p. 7d (46a) bent mountain, holding back water

15:5 Mt. Not-straight. "The River Glory comes to an end in it."

p. 8d (45a) jade mountain

15:7 "there is jade."

p. 9b (44c) on mountain, a flowering tree

15:9 "At the South Pole" the rid-chill tree

p. 9b (44c) on same mountain, 2 snakes

15:10 "On an island in the South Sea ... two scarlet snakes"

p. 10a (43d) little person in pool

15:15 the Country of the Water-bogy Folk

p. 10b (43c) a plant (?) growing on mountaintop; person in squared pool

15:16 "There is a tree growing on the mountaintop. ... There is someone with square teeth".

p. 11c (42b) insect

16:14 Mt. Horsefly

p. 11d (42a) overflowing pool

16:22 "There is a pool here."

p. 12a (41d) diagonally banded (diagonally striped ?) leopard

16:24 "a tiger's body which is striped"

p. 12c (41b) headless living god

16:28 "Plough remained standing up headless."

p. 12d (41a) water

16:33 fish-wife

p. 12d (41a) more water

17:1 Fief Gulf

p. 13a (40d) water with man beside it

17:1 "Deep Gulf ... is where the great god Fond Care bathes."

p. 13a (40d) tray on floor

17:5 the Tray Tree

p. 13a (40d) rock upon rock

17:8 "Where Yu: Piled Up The Rocks"

p. 13b (40c) feather-garment

17:11 Adorn Jerkin

p. 13b (40c) gut (?)

17:15 No-gut

p. 13c (40b) pinnacled mountain

17:18 Mt. Peak

p. 13c (40b) water with shield (guarded, hoarded ?)

17:20 "... hoarded up all the water." {cf. Vr.tra}

p. 13d (40a) bird in mountain

17:30 "people who have wings."


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