Maricopa twin brethren = Mixcoatl & his twin brother



Maricopa (BNSS)


2 doe-deer became women

"their mother brings the deer to life and lets it run off"


"this fourth is named Tlotepe, "Hawk Mountain""

"the twins go to capture eaglets; circle the mountain, bearing the eagle nest"


"this second is named Mixcoatl, "Cloud Serpent""

"the younger transforms himself into a snake"


"gave him drink"

"they are thirsty as they journey home"


"his city, Tollan" [‘Reed’]

"he gets two reeds"


"the woman, Itzpapalotl, "Obsidian Butterfly""

"the older sister makes insects to provoke the older twin"


"Cozcaquauhti [‘Necklace Eagle’] then said, "... they killed your father""

"two arrows in the ground supporting beads will break" to indicate deaths of twin brethren


Mixcoatl’s son Topiltzin "called the moles" {mole is animal of (PS`, p. 35) RUDra = LUDos (the ludicrous)}

"girls' father hears them laugh"; younger sister gives birth to younger brother’s son


MS = "Myth of the Suns", "Legend of the Suns", "Leyenda de los Soles", in :- Miguel Leo`n-Portilla & Earl Shorris : In the Language of Kings. Norton & Co, NY, 2001. pp. 55-67

PS` = Stella Kramrisch : The Presence of S`iva. 1988.

further correlations of Ludos (or Topiltzin) with Rudra


Ludos & Topiltzin

MANu is mentioned with Rudra (in R.c Veda 1:114:2)

MANēs is grandfather (according to Hērodotos) or great-grandfather (according to Dionusios of Halikarnassos) of Ludos

goddess ADIti is mentioned with Rudra (in R.c Veda 1:43:2)

ADIes is uncle of Ludos (according to Dionusios of Halikarnassos)

at the birth of Rudra there appeared 18 inauspicious signs along with famine (according to the Golden Rosary of Padma-Sambhava) (TT)

18 years of famine (according to Hērodotos : Kliōi 94) in the reign of Atus the father of Ludos (HH)

S`arva was born from what is cruel within 2 earthen bowls (according to JB 3:262) (PS`, p. 36)

Topiltzin "threw into his [uncle Apanecatl’s] face a polished clay vessel" (MS, p. 63)

Pra-ja-pati, the father of Rudra, had as wife a female antelope

Mix-coatl begat Topiltzin on a doe-deer

PRA-JA[N]-pati = (etymologically) PROto-GONos, who was (according to Damaskios) a drakon (‘dragon’)

Mix-coatl (‘cloud-serpent’)

TT =

HH =

JB = Jaiminiya Brahman.a

the 18 inauspicious signs (of Rudra) = the 18 years of famine (of Atus)

the 18th prime is 61 (FP)

the 61st yogini is At.t.a-at.t.a-hasa ‘raucous laughter’ (according to the SK64Y) [cf. the Maricopa laughter]

FP =

SK = Skanda Puran.a

64Y =,_sets_of.htm

if 18 is Rudra’s #, then 17 ought to be his father Pra-ja-pati’s #

there are 17 "kindling verses" to Pra-ja-pati (H&Ch, p. 504); and likewise 17 "cups" offered to Pra-ja-pati (PTH, p. 746) : in S`B 5:1:2:10-18 this # is explained as of pairs of ribs

Qadmo^n was diminished by 2 ribs (used to form Lilit & H.awwah); the resultant diminished being was >adam

Pra-ja-pati had 3 sons :


Bhava (who, together with his wife Bhavani, engendred a self-luminous metal – radium?) (BhP 24:17 --SHP), and


<adam had 3 sons :

Qayin (‘Reed’ {cf. Tollan}),

Hebel {[according to Manda<] Hibil-Ziwa (ziwa ‘bright, luminous’)} , and


H&Ch = James Hewitt : History and Chronology. 1901.

PTH = James Hewitt : Primitive Traditional History. 1907.

S`B = S`ata-patha Brahman.a

BhP = Bhagavata Puran.a