Mauli-ola = Iason

Kane->apua = Borimos


Sandwich I.s



(HM, pp. 448-9; definitions from HD)

(GM 150-1; definitions from G-EL)


"Kane-apua ... proves useful, first, in dispersing their fear of ... the great dog of Hina, Ku-ilio-loa;

The Argo sailed to (GM 151.c) the city of Mariandune, where Heraklees {should be /Borimos/ (‘Dirge’ – something intended to disperse dread of the Netherworld)} dragged the GREAT DIVINE HOUND Ker-beros out of the Netherworld.


next, in quieting the two kupua hills Pali-uli and Pali-kea (White and Black cliffs) which clash together and destroy canoes".

The Argo succeeded in quieting the MUTUALLY CLASHing rocks the Sumplegades (GM 151a).


The voyage is encountered by "a storm, sent from the calabash that holds the bones of La>a-ma>oma>o" [/la>a/ ‘to propagate by inarching’ + /ma>oma>o/ ‘green’].

Mortally "broken" (GM 150.h) were BONES of the head of


The canoe is commanded by Waha-nui (‘Big-Mouth, GARRULOUS’).

A-mukos (‘NOT SECRET’ : /muke`/ ‘secret’).


The canoe arrived at where the god Mauli [= Mauli-ola, GOD OF HEALTH] lay prostrate.

The Argo is commanded by Iason (‘HEALER’).


[This ‘inarching’ is alluded to in :] "pilikua, ... a double-bodied creature, "the bodies being joined together by means of the ribs growing into each other," ...

Hylas was abducted by (GM 150.b) goddess Druope : cf. /druokho-/ ‘RIB of a ship’. Or, instead of (GM 150.f) Hulas, Borimos, who was


displaying it on Kaua>i (‘Slave-Supreme’ [slaves being NOWHERE in possession of suzereignty]) to

son of (GM 150.e) Oupios (/oupei/ ‘NOWHERE’ – aequivalent to Outopia) -- a name similar to that of Oudeis (GM 170.c), tied under (GM 170.d) sheep; as,


chief Kupa-koili (‘squid-lure IMMERSE’), who is advised by Lu-lu>u-pali (‘CAST-OFF diving-cliff’).

city Krios (‘Sheep’) founded by (GM 150.d) Polu-phemos, who CAST OFF a boulder (GM 170.f), which IMMERSEd itself into the sea.


[On this inarching, is commented (s.v. /la>a/) "Cf. kakiwi" : cf. /pahi- kakiwi/ ‘SICKLE’.]

The Argo sailed past (GM 151.g) the isle Philura, where the goddess of that name had been raped by Kronos, wielder of (GM 6.a) the SICKLE.

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The voyage is metaphorical of shamanic curing – curing being also regarded as voyaging by canoe amongst tribes in Vancouver I. and elsewhere. The danger (causing failure of curing) of garrulous lack of secrecy is emphasized, indicating that this curing was the praerogative of a secret society (headquartered, in its Hellenic version, in Iolkos of Phthia).