Maya day



2. Ik life

Francis, patron of animals

3. Akbal = house

Augustine, author of City of God

6. Cimi death

Michael, patron of cemeteries

8. Lamat = rabbit


(Chinese, burned alive)

Lawrence, burned alive

10. Oc = hound

Christopher, hound-headed

11.Chuen monkey


(depicted writing)

Jerome, patron of libraries

12. Eb tooth

Simon, symbol a saw

13. Ben reed

Boniface, who chopped a tree

16 Cib = vulture

Benedict, with a black bird

17. Caban =

Matthew, author of gospel


chronicling earthquake (27:51-54)

18. Edznab knife

Martin, with sword

19 Cauac (glyph a

Luke, author of gospel

dynastic dragon)

detailing genealogy (3:23-38)

20. Ahau (glyph a human)

Andrew, his name meaning "human"

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the Book of Chilam Balam of Mani`. U. of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 1979. p. 90