Congeners of Mammon

<Azaz->el the divine goat – at the dividing of the sheep from the goats

females: ewe, nanny-goat

males: ram, billy-goat

The woman +Theo-phane was changed "into a ewe and … the suitors … became wolves". (GM 70.l)

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves". (Gospel according to Matthew 10:16)

(‘nanny-goat’) "Tragasia. Mother, by Miletus, of Caunus and Byblis [Parth.11.2]." (Th-Z) [thwarted intent for incest]

"Tragasus. Father of Philonome, wife of Cycnus 1, king of Colonae in the Troad [Apd.Ep.3.24]." (Th-Z) [with Kolonai cf. the Kolonos of Oidi-pod- the incestuous]

+Tarpeia was killed by means of shields in the citadel at Roma (T-Th) [wherein there were the sacred geese (cf. swans??) whose cackling warned of theGallic invasion]

another Kuknos (‘swan’) was killed by means of a shield (CDCM, s.v. "Cycnus")

Th-Z =

T-Th =

MeMNon = MaMMo^N

[vis-à-vis son of Prometheus] To be combined with --

*Him- = [Latin] hiem- ‘winter’: [Skt.] hima- ‘snow’ – but [English] gimlet (emblem of "piercing" cold?)

son (CDCM, s.v. "Chimaereus") of Prometheus and +Kelaino -- another Kelaino is goddess of (mother of) euphemism (P)

"Mother of Delphus by Apollo. Celaeno 3 was daughter of Hyamus, son of Lycorus, son of Apollo and Corycia. [Pau.10.6.3]." (B-C)

A-misos is nigh (GM, vol. 1, p. 15) the Iris river: +Iris was daughter (CDCM, s.v. "Electra") of Elektra

"Emathion 4 is son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES [Nonn.3.186, 13.395]." (D-E)

The Khimaira was reared by A-miso-daros (B)

son of A-miso-daros was: "Atymnius 2, who was killed by Antilochus, son of Nestor, was father of Mydon 2 [see below] [Hom.Il.5.580ff., 16.317ff.]." (T) "Squire and charioteer of Pylaemenes 1, Mydon 2, son of Atymnius 2, was killed by Antilochus, son of Nestor [Hom.Il.5.580ff.]." (loc. cit.)

Kassiopeia’s daughter +Andromede was mother (A) of Perses, ancestor of the Persians. "The Ethiopian Memnon, who fought in the Trojan War, came from the East, and was son of Tithonus 1, the founder of Susa [Strab.15.3.2]." (ISE)

another Atumnios was: "Atymnius 1 was son of Zeus and Cassiopea 1. It is said that the children of Europa, having fallen in love with him, quarrelled with each other; but something similar is told of Miletus, son of Apollo [Apd.3.1.2]." (A-B)

"Memnon is said by some to have killed at Troy Antilochus, son of Nestor. He also slew the Pylians Pheron and Ereuthus who had followed Nestor to Troy. Memnon was himself killed by Achilles, but was made immortal" (E)

Pheron = ? [Cymry] Bran

CDCM = Pierre Grimal (tr. by Maxwell-Hyslop): A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology.

GM = Robert Graves: The Greek Myths.

P =

B-C =

D-E =

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A =


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