The Three Meso-potamiai

A meso-potamia is a region between ("in the middle of") rivers. The term /meso-/ 'middle' is apparently allusive, intended to allude to an isle "in the middle of" a lake, such as : that in the middle of lake Titi-caca (whence emerged Manco Capac {cf. /kapok/, the ceiba tree}); that in the middle of lake Texcoco (whereat legendarily an eagle was viewed eating prickly-pear cactus-fruit); that in the middle of a certain lake in Ao-tea-roa (ritually regarded as Hawaiki by the Maori tribe inhabiting its district); and that in the middle of the lake known as Amr.ta-sara (whereon is located the paradeigmatic S`ikh temple).

The 3 geographic identifications of meso-potamia may be alluded to in the 3 suitors (Iamblikhos : Dramatikon, epitomized in Photios : Bibliotheka -- DCM, pp. 287b-288a & 497b) for heroine Mesopotamia the sistre of Tigris and of Euphrates.

Likely, the earliest (viz., Sumerian) is that between rivers Buranon (Euphrates) and Idigna (Tigris); the medium-aged (viz., Croatian) is that between rivers Sava and Drava; and the newest (known in Spanish as /entre-ri`os/ 'between rivers', this designation intended to include also the states of Corrientes and Misiones) is that between rivers Parana` and Uruway.

Each of these meso-potamiai is known for inducing a military debacle when invaded : occupied by the government of As^s^ur (in the 8th century B.Chr.Ai.), Akkad afterwards not only became independent, but also itself occupied As^s^ur (while NWB was in occupation of TL-MRJ); and the attempted crossing of entre-ri`os caused the government of Argentina to declare war, with the result that the army of Paraway surrendered (to the government of Brazil), resulting in failure of the ongoing attempt (by a joint-action of the governments of Uruway and Paraway) to abolish slavery in South America. A Croatian-related failure, could be regarded the attempt to withdraw to Croatan by the Roanoke colony in Virginia (later to become called Carolina).

In correlative geography of myth, for the voyage of the Argo-nautes there is this correlation :-

alleged location of myth

actual location of myth

Hellas [/MALIs/ being a later name for earlier /Hellas/]

MALaYa with Nus-antara

Hellespont [< */WALS-/ (cf. name of tribe Volsci in Latium)]



China Sea + Sea of Nippon

Kizukos [< */C^idyu-/]


mt Didumos

twinned mountains in Kyushu

spring of Hulas and of nymphs

lake Biwa in Honshu

Clios (DCM, s.v. "Argonauts) [< */S`lIWA-/]



Ainu on Yezo I.


St Lawrence I.


Behring Strait

Sangarios potamos

MacKenzie River

Thermodon potamos

Ares nesos

Southampton I.

Phasis potamos

Nelson River

limbs of Apsurtos

Belcher I.s

upriver on Tanais to Ocean

upriver on Albany River and downriver on Great Lakes and St Lawrence to ocean

Libua (Africa) and its lake Tritonis

ri`o Parana`

praediction by Triton concerning future cities on Phla nesos in lake (now a swamp)

cities now existing in swamps adjoining upper ri`o Paraway

Thera nesos (site of huge volcano)

volcanic isles in southwestern Pacific

[Possible praediction of the cities on shores of lake Tritonis may indicate a future ceding of militarily seized (in the slavery-war of the late 1860s) occupied (by Brazil) territories in Mato Grosso, to be restored to Paraway.]

{The earliest indication to me of a triple transition (the 1st phase now in the process of being fulfilled in Mesopotamia/<iraq) over the next few decades (or perhaps a century) was a dream-revelation in the early 1970s, when I saw a map of <iraq having place-names all different from any conventionally in use there (whether antiently or currently), and which I then took to indicate a future military incursion, by the U.S. military, thereinto (with the place-names indicated being forthcoming U.S. military code-names for the sites) -- this interpretation by me being based on the fact that I had seen a similarly named by incognito site-names (which I took to be secret code-names employed by the U.S. military) of Korea.}

[written 2015 (with swamps correlated, and volcanos correlated, this may be praeferable to praevious attempts for geographic identification of this voyage)]