Nanahuatzin = Tjazzi

sitting on female's lap; ironwood mythology; voluntarily entring fire; scatology



Norse (Snorri : Gylfa-Ginning)

Abyssinia ("QE")

[S^erente on Tocantins river] "Waikaura> ... called his virgin daughter, bade [an ulcerous vagrant god] sit on her thighs" : that "virgin daughter" became impraegnated by that ulcerous vagrant god, who departed in a "whirlwind".

"had a dream in which she held a kid in her lap. On waking up she found herself pregnant and in due course she gave birth to a baby daughter. But alas! The child had one goat's foot ."

At Teotihuacan, Nanahuatzin voluntarily entred fire.; thereby he was cured of his scabs.

[Papuans of Geelvink Bay]

"kindled a great fire of iron-wood. When the flames blazed up he flung himself among the glowing embers, and immediately his shriveled skin peeled off, and all the scabs were"

Tjazzi flew himself into a blazing fire; he was survived by

transformed into pretious substances, including "coral". {cf. "Full fathom five ... his bones are coral made."}

["of sea-bones ... the ski-goddess" -- YS 8]

his daughter Skadi (who is known as the "Iron-wood goddess") who

"could see her legs, one normal and one caprine. In the pond was a piece of ironwood which was placed there on the King's orders.

Tecciztecatl is, as a snail-god, an animal whose gastropod "foot" is the most prominent bodily feature.

chose a god as husband for herself, according to the appearance of his feet : because she herself wore skis on her own feet.

When the Queen's cloven foot hit it, she was cured." {cf. the Empousai having "with one leg of brass and the other of an ass." ("E")

(The name /SKADi/ may be etymologically cognate with /SCATology/.)

The Empousai have one of their legs "of cow dung." ("E&L")

"A&Ph" = "Aphrodite and Phaon"

[for Tocantins river] citing C. Nimuendajú, “The Serente,” Publication of the Frederick Webb Hodge Anniversary Publication Fund(Los Angeles, 1942), pp. 91-92.

[for Geelvinck Bay] citing J. Frazer, Apollodorus: The Library, Vol. 2 (Cambridge, 1963), p. 361.

YS 8= chapter 8 of the Heimskringla book Ynglinga Saga

"QE" = "Queen of Ethiopia"

"E" = "Empusa"

"E&L" = "Empousai and Lamiai" citing Aristophanes, Frogs 288 sq}

testing by mortal by incognito supernatural entity

The S^erente ulcerous vagrant god was testing, incognito, the generosity of Waikaura>;

when that generosity had been adequately demonstrated, he departed in a whirlwind.

An angel was testing, incognito (S^pat.i^m 13:16), the steadfast resolve and generosity (S^pat.i^m 13:15) of a mortal couple;

when that steadfastness had been adequately demonstrated, the angel departed amid a flame into the sky (S^pat.i^m 13:20).

(The "whirlwind" can be regarded as a single foot, as in the case of [Maya god] Hu[n]-Racan.

The female's "one goat's foot" may suggest a possible sister to [Vaidik god] Aja Eka-pad.)

[written July c. 27th 2012]