Nart saga

Osset etc.

Aztec [& Danish]

Astika etc.


ALaeGatae was the Nart clan


*ALGHa (Argha)

<ibri^ <LuQah

in whose care the Nart-amongae (Holy Grail) had originally been placed (FSC, p. 222).


is the term for a drink-offering.

is the [blood-drinking] leech-goddess.

XAEMuC is forced to drink to testify to the truthfulness of an account doubted (FSC, p. 223)


aHAM-Kara "egotism" (which may have to be forced to "eat its own words, i.e., humble pie")



[Danish HUMBLe]


<arabi^ HUBAL, <ibri^ HeBeL

Batraz = Perceval: "both successfully complete the adventure of obtaining a magic cup, and


[Bellero-phon rode the horse which had created water-well of inspiration at Hippo-krene;


they both are renowned for their poor attire at the start of their career." (FSC, p. 133)

[Danish Amlet "bespattering his person with foul and filthy dirt",


Perceval "is thought to be an idiot" (FSC, p. 128).

is thought to be an idiot.


encountered a gadfly;

encountered a gadfly (GM 75.f);


changed names on an epistle requaesting that he be put to death;

carried an epistle requaesting that he be put to death (GM 75.a);


had detected some bees that had fed in the paunch of a dead man.]

consulted Polu-eidos (GM 75.b), who had found a boy's corpse drowned in honey (GM 90.d);


Perceval = Welsh Peredur, who slew a serpent that lay upon a gold ring.

slew the Khimaira by molten lead down her throat (GM 75.c).]


"golden mail shirt" is taken "from Uaerxtaenaeg

S`IPE (Xipe) Totec was god wearing gold clothing;

S`IBI [cf. Latin CIBus]

Huichol Chipmunk-god

as well as two strips of flesh from his back." (FSC, p. 266)

he became flayed.

offered his own flesh as food.

suffered strips of skin being torn from his back.

These were recovered by his son SyBaeLc (who married daughter of the Sun, FSC, p. 313)


S`aBaLa As`va-s, horses. (Horses draw chariot of the Sun.)


Daughter of UASTYrdz^i,


[Romance VeSTment]


+SATana -- the myth of her being nearly raped by a shepherd [being compared by the authors of FSC (p. 172 n. 22) with that of +Athene & Hephaistos]:


S`AT.i "sari" [-- cf. impenetrable girdle which spared +Athene from being impraegnated by Hephaistos, the son of Hephaistos so begotten being "serpent-footed" FSC, p. 172 n. 22:

Cf. <ibri^ S`

the son so begotten, "the Nart Sozryko, after he is mortally wounded, lives in a cave" (FSC, p. 70).


cf. the serpent-footed Gigant-es, who though "wounded" (GM 35.e) "could never be killed by any god" (GM 35.b).]


she is aequated with the Dame du Lac, who gave away "gold bells" (FSC, p. 159).

+Coyol-xauqui, goddess (whose name meaneth "silver bells")


The Dame du Lac's adversary was knight iWeRet (FSC, p. 159).

by her brother WisIR-opoc^li (Huitzil-opochtli)


Cf. Kemetian WSYR (Osiris).






SyRDon, "said to be a bastard" (FSC, p. 325 n. 135)


S`aRaDa, an eccentric ("bastard"?) writing-system


In Osset, as a Persian dialect, etymologies are:







h^ (x)


FSC = GARLAND REFERENCE LIBRARY OF THE HUMANITIES, Vol. 1795. C. Scott Littleton & Linda A. Malcor: From Scythia to Camelot.