The Book of Night

The Book of What Is In the Netherworld

(cited by Gate & Hour: Register)


1st G, 2nd H: 2nd R (p. 411)

"Taking hold of the Nefert-rope of the divine barge by the crew."

8:1 (p. 289)

"The gods of the Netherworld who tow"

2nd G, 3rd H: 1st R (p. 412)

"He who gives Wind"

7:2 (p. 281)

+"She who gives breath"

3rd G, 4th H: 1st R (p. 414)

"The High One"

6:1 (p. 272)

"High of Flame"

4th G, 5th H: 1st R (p. 416)

"Sweet of Heart"

12:1 (p. 314)

"Sweet of Heart"

2nd R

+"Mistress of the Two Lands"

12:1 (p. 313)

+"She who exalts in her Two Lands"

3rd R

3 decapitated

11:3 (Fig. 86)

3 heads

5th G, 6th H: 1st R (p. 417)

"Long Arm"

11:2 (p. 309)

"Strong of Arm"

2nd R

+"Mistress of Life"

11:1 (p. 308)

+"Mistress of the Living"

6th G, 7th H: 1st R (p. 419)

"The Hidden One"

11:1 (p. 307)

"you Hidden Ones"

7th G, 8th H: 3rd R (p. 422)

"The drowned ones"

10:3 (p. 304)

"The drowned ones"

8th G, 9th H: 1st R (p. 423)

"The King"

10:1 (p. 300)

+"Crown of the North";

+"Crown of the South"

2nd R

+"She whose Flames are pain"

9:3 (p. 297)

+"Her tongue causes pain"

9th G, 10th H: 1st R (p. 424)

"He who rears his father"

{Telemakhos, seeking his father Odusseus in Lakedaimon of Menelawos}

(also suggesting course of events' running backwards)

9:2 (p. 296) 12 gods with paddles:-

6th "He who ignores his decay"

5th "He who ignores the return" {Odusseus, while with Kalupso, neglecting to return to Ithake; ignorant of the return of Menelawos}

4th "He who ignores retreat"

3rd "He who ignores his weariness"

2nd "He who ignores his annihiliation"

10th G, 11th H: 1st R (p. 425)

"Flame in his speech"

9:1 (p. 296)

+"Powerful of Speech"

11th G, 12H: 1st R (p. 426)

"He who brings the Brilliant Sky"

8:3 (p. 290)

"Brilliant Face"

BOLLINGEN SERIES XL.1. Alexandre Piankoff: The Tomb of Ramesses VI. Pantheon Books, NY, 1954.