La[w]o-medon = Yhudah >is^-keryot

O[w]i-klees = Yes^uwa< Mas^iyah.



Arthurian, Kemetian & Papuan

"more than thirty Trojan drachmae" (GM 137.a) were gained by Lao-medon in cheating.

30 pieces of silver were gained by Yhudah >is^-keryot in treachery (Matthaios 26:15)


By way of punishment, the earth-shaker Poseidon required the chaining {cf. the 12 links in the "chain of dependent origination") of Lao-medon's daughter Hesione, for which

The 12 parts (according to Priscillianism) of the soul -- the soul (psukhe) being accounted as feminine and fettered by desires.


Hera-klees "spent spent three days in the [sea-]monster's belly" (GM 137.d).

As Yo^nah was three days and three nights in the belly of the [tannah "sea-monster"], so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Matthaios 12:40)


Telamon offered the "golden wine-bowl", through which offering a blessing was imparted to his son Aiaks the Great (GM 137.i).


Lancelot was able to impart the mystery of the holy Grail to his own son Galahad.

Podarkes maintained that the immortal mares ought to be given (GM 137.k).

Yes^uwa< sat on ass (Ioannes 12:14): cf. ass (B-R>S^YT 49:14) of tribe Yis`s`as`kar


crown of thorns

[Wiru] Woman "turned into something with thorns" and, afterward,

Hesione redeemed Podarkes (GM, loc. cit.).

daughter of Herodias

a snake (PNGN, p, 132). (Kemetian) The ass was swallowed by a boa.

Tomb of O[w]i-klees is nigh the praecinct of wind-god Boreas (GM 137.m).

the Holy Sepulchre. Yo^h.anan the baptist spoke of the himself as a reed in the wind (Matthaios 11:7; Loukas 7:24).


The widow Glaukia ("green") gave birth to (GM 137.n) Skamandros as a posthumous son of DeI-MAKHOs {= [Skt.] JYa-MAGHA}.


The "Green Knight"

GM = Robert Graves: The Greek Myths. 1955.

PNGN = Thomas Slone: One Thousand one Papua New Guinean Nights. Masalai Pr, 2001.