Padma-sambhava = Mos^eh

BLB, p.




was born in pond

as baby, was deposited in river


was exiled for accidentally killing the son of a brahmin

fled the country after murdering a man


had 2 colleagues: S`ila-man~ju & Vimala-mitra

had 2 attendants: Hos^<a & H.ur


met the female servant of a d.akini while she was drawing water at a well

met his future wife S.ipporah while she was drawing water at a well


stayed within bonfire which did not burn him

found "burning bush" which was not consumed by its flame


secret appellations: Padma-sambhava = Mati-vat Vara-ruci (bLo-ldan mchog-sred); Vimala-mitra = Dhana-samskr.ta; S`ila-man~ju = Dana-upaya


while those 3 were on the lacustrine isle Sagara-dvipa, "the planets and constellations send down hail"


caused all the stars and planets to fall down; dried up a lake; caused the gandharva-s of the air to tumble down



in a former lifetime, he, with Khri Sron-lde>u-btsan and S`anta-raks.ita had been born as 3 sibling piglets; and had been subsequently born as 3 swineherders



for him Than-lha "twisted his waist and even twisted the snow"



to him Than-lha's "small son with a pony-tail" offered his life-essence "together with wheat"

Bil<am's ass


21,000 daimones were subjugated at gNam-mtsho phyug-mo lake


into 100 pieces he magically shattered the king's staff at bSam-yas



hindered the 9 >Gon-po brethren who had been sent to murder him by Pe-dkar (the 9 >Gon-po brethren carried Pe-dkar on a sedan-chair, at An-ava-tapta lake)

bed of >o^g


copper bitches growled for him (fn. 11: vide LLP, p. 395)



he departed from the Lion's Cave, via the hostess S`akya-devi at Man-yul, to Camara-dvipa


LLP = Douglas & Bays: The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava.

BLB, p. 126 disciples of Padma-sambhava = various associates of Mos^eh


attainment of disciple

associate of Mos^eh


mKhar-chen princess

quelled forest-fire at mChims-phu by thrusting into it her kila



her brother dPal-gyi dban-phyug

induced blue wolf to vomit heart-skin

>ahro^n, the brother of Miryan


rDo-rje bdud->joms of sNa-nam

sank his kila into rock at >on->jan


Jn~ana-kumara of gN~ags

dammed Brahma-putra river at Ya-gtsan by thrusting into it his kila


Nam->bre gsal-le

attained life-span of 1,000 years at dPal Chu-bo-ri


his associate Byan-chub rdo-rje of Lan-lab

by dreaming of trees hewn down with axe, collapsed a house fatally on 17 persons within

cf. Mi-la ras-pa


BLB = Martin J. Boord: A Bolt of Lightning from the Blue. Edition Khordong, Berlin, 2002.