Dennis Tedlock (tr.): Popol Vuh

Codex Borgia


p. 71 "Maker of the Blue-Green Bowl"

p. 29 blue bowl-shaped deity

p. 71 "enlightened beings"

p. 30 beings within rayed disk

p. 71 "The Light That Came

p. 31 seeing due to

from Across the Sea"

outpourings of water

p. 71 "Our Place in the Shades"

p. 32 places of darkness

p. 73 "Hurricane" =

p. 33 round dark swirl,whence

hun raqan "one foot"

emergence via one foot

p. 73 "Newborn Thunderbolt"

p. 33 white-strand deity

{cf. Newborn, Ga & Thunderbolt, GA}


p. 73 "Raw Thunderbolt"

p. 34 six-headed white-strand deity

p. 73 "like a cloud"

p. 33 black winding

p. 73 "like a mist"

p. 34 red winding

p. 73 "mountains came forth"

pp. 33, 34 flint-topped temples

p. 75 "Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth ...

p. 34 two hearts with faces,

in the midst of the waters"

interconnected by [water-]tube

p. 77 deer [deer-pelt diguises on p. 185]

p. 35 costumed in animal-pelt

p. 78 "birds: your nests"

p. 36 birds from bundle

p. 78 "please talk,

p. 37 speech scrolls from mouth of



p. 78 "mason and sculpture"

p. 37 foundation of aedifice

p. 79 "Its face was just lopsided, ...

p. 38 monstrous-faced skeletal being

quickly dissolving in the water."

 prostrate in the water

p. 85 "They want to get inside caves"

p. 39 women entering mouth of earth

p. 81 "the counting of days"

pp. 39, 40 the day-signs, viz.:--

p. 96 Zipacna [= Cipactli, on p. 372]

1. Cipactli

p. 97 counterfeit crab

2. Ehecatl, with eyes-on-stalks [crab ?]

p. 98 [dwelling in crevice]

3. Calli, a dwelling

p. 101 "delicious aroma" [of food]

4. Kan, ripe [food]

p. 111 [variously colored roads]

5. C^icc^an, rainbow

p. 113 beheading of Hunahpu

6. Miquiztli, death's-head

p. 114 hand of the maiden Xquic

7. Manik [glyph: a hand]

p. 119 Hun C^UEN

11. C^UEN

p. 125 wood chips

13. Acatl, reed

p. 125 jaguar

14. Ocelotl, ocelot; etc. etc.

p. 131 "Tamazul, the toad"

p. 40 god with curve in rear of face,


like God P (Maya toad-god], and


wearing gloves (like God P) of


toad-skin (semi-circle "warts")

p. 134 "Blood River"

p. 41 two streams of blood

pp. 146, 147 ball-game

p. 42 ball-game

p. 158 gods of Xibalba as

p. 42 underworld-god,

"users of owls"

with owl

p. 173 "Tohil ... pivoted

p. 45 churning of sea of milk by

inside his sandal."

gods each lacking a foot:

"On his forehead he wears

on their forehead they each wear

an obsidian mirror with

an obsidian mirror with

a burning torch emerging from it."

smoke emerging from it

p. 180 "Net Weave Tribe

p. 45 net adorned with

is the name of

heads of nine



the place where

("Lords of the House

dawn came for the Iloc-s."

of Dawn") [for the nine


rivers of the underworld]

p. 205 "one citadel" on

p. 46 walled enclosure composed of

"four mountains"

four dragons


Herbert V. Guenther (tr.): The Life and


Teaching of Naropa. Oxford U. Press, 1963.


p. 114 one not to disappear at death

9. resurrection of dead

p. 117 owls are sent up

8(i). feather is inserted

through hole in earth;

through fontanel

then guides returned

to guide return of soul

p. 117 the light to show itself

7(i-iii). Radiant light

p. 125 whole mountains

5(iii). Mt. Meru

p. 125 wood chips

5. split and sharpened reeds

p. 128 grabbed

4(B)(j)(2). holder

p. 137 fireflies

4(B)(i)(1). a glow-worm