RoMa dominated until supplanted by

RaMa dominated until supplanted by

RAVeNNa (place of refuge, stronghold against the Visi-Goth-s).

RAVaNa in controlling Sita.

RoMa later regained (at orders by Charle-magne) supremacy in Italia.

RaMa later regained possession of Sita.

RoMa (Vatican state) disapproved of the independence (from the Holy Roman Empire) of Genoa and Venice.

RaMa disowned Kus`a and Lava.

From the constitution of Venice derived that of the United States, whose emblem is the thunder-bird (bald eagle) holding (as lightnings) the 13 arrows.

Lava ("instantaneous") is the term for "instantaneous enlightenment", symbolized by a lightning-flash: the 13 lightnings are represented as 13 arrows in Tibetan Buddhism.

Thus, the Venice & U.S. government's setting for the "great seal" will represent the proto-type of the Rama-ayana & Lanka-avatara representation[, geographically].