S^pat.i^m 1-21 + 1st S^mu^->el 1-6 = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus pp. 49-53, 29-46

S^pat.i^m 1-6 = CBM 49-53



(1:15) springs of water

[p. 49 upper right] hill having pond of water atop it

(3:9) <atni^->el {/Gutmah-/ ‘barbarism of language’ (LA-L 3:258a)}

[p. 49 upper left] human-pelt-wearing god having twisted speech emerging from his mouth

(3:15) left-handed >eh.ud

[p. 50 upper left] skeletal god (holding spear) [Huitzil-opochtli the god of the left side, appeared as a skeleton]

(3:16) made a sword

[p. 50] (in temple) knife-blade

(3:18) >eh.ud [/hud/ ‘to propound (scil., a riddle)’ (Strong’s 2330)] claimed to have "secret errand"

[p. 50] (at temple) god of games (having hand-marked mouth)

(3:24) "Surely he is covering his feet"

[p. 50] a turkey [on CBM p. 64, the turkey is confronting a severed (spectral?) turkey-foot]

(3:26) escaped unto S`<irah [/s`a<ir/ ‘shower’ (Strong’s 8164)]

[p. 50] shower drenching temple

(3:31) S^amgar

[p. 51]

(4:21) a woman treacherously murdered a man

[p. 52] woman with red death-god in bower made of bones

(6:21) unleavened cakes

[p.52 upper left] maize-god

(6:24) <aprah (‘female fawn’)

[p. 52 upper right] deer is speared

(6:25-26) speech by YHWH

[p. 52] red death-god offering human victim

(6:28) bullock is slaughtered when tree is felled

[p. 52] beheaded man carrying bundle of firewood

(6:37) "dew on the fleece only"

[p. 53 lower right] supine goddess is moistened

CBM = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus

LA-L = Georgii Wilhelmi Freytagii : Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. Librairie du Liban, Beirut, 1975.

Strong’s = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

S^pat.i^m 7-21 = CBM pp. 29-39



(7:11) the servant Purah {Strong’s 6513 would suggest a different word (6288); however, if more accurately vocalized */Paruh/, then cf. Strong’s 6517 /parur/ ‘skillet’}

[p. 29] pot (skeleton-like)

(7:13) dream of pancake being flipped upside-down [as it would be in a skillet]

[p. 29] white flags [to indicate surrender : cf. armies’ surrenders while their bands played "The World Turned Upside-Down"] {cf. also Maori myth of "overturning of Mata-aho"}

(7:20) "The 3 companies blew the horns, and

[p. 30] 2 wind-gods, each emerging from a curved wind-dragon [cf. curved horn],

... held the torches" which thus illuminated the darkness of the night.

in the midst of a rayed disk, its rays penetrating the surrounding blackness.

(7:25) The 4 kings of the 4 tribes of Midyan include <o^reb (‘raven’).

[p. 30] The 4 carvers include one carving a vulture. (Day-sign ‘Vulture" is given as ‘Crow’ in some MesoAmerican lists.)

(8:5) Another is Zebah. (‘slaughter’).

[p. 30] Another day-sign being carven is ‘Death’.

(8:30) Gid<o^n had many wives.

[p. 31] 2 goddesses (both blind)

(9:20) A curse was pronounced upon Millo^ (‘filling’). {to negate ‘filling’ could entail emptying.}

[p. 31] 2 containers-ful of liquid are being emptied (by 2 death-goddesses)

(9:44) "the two companies rushed upon all that were in the field, and smote them."

[p. 32] two knives-bladed headed deity, accompanying beheaders

(9:46) All the men entered the tower of >el-brit in S^ekem.

[p. 33] multi-storeyed tower filled with men

In Tebes. (9:50) [cf. /be^s.ah/ ‘egg’] was a tower (9:51), whence a woman dropped (9:53) a millstone {aequivalent to the pebbles dropped by Skulle at Nisaia?} upon a king with deadly (9:54) effect.

[p. 34] multi-storeyed tower filled with death-goddesses

(10:1) at S^amir (‘thorn’) [cf. the expression "thorn in the flesh"] was the grandson of Do^do^ (‘loving’); namely

[p. 35] man pricking himself with an awl {instead of with a thorn} in order to feed (lovingly) 4 gods

the son of Pu>ah (Strong’s 6312) [cf. Strong’s 6285 /pe>ah/ ‘quarter, corner’); namely

[p. 35] ballcourt having its 4 quarters (corners) each a different color

To^la< (‘scale-insect’, round in shape, yielding a red dye-pigment).

[p. 35] round (and red) –torsoed god

(11:3) Yiptah. (‘opener’) dwelt in the land of T.o^b (‘medicine’, in <arabic)

[p. 36] opening-up of the medicine-bundle

(11:15-25) giving a political harangue

[p. 37] man with tweeter (bird-head) emerging from his mouth

(12:8) >ibs.an {= Muslim <ibad.i^ sect, renowned for advocating civil rights for slaves} of

[p. 37] god Xolotl (deified ‘slave’)

Bet-leh.em (‘house-of-bread’)

[p. 37] fuming (roasting?) red ear-of-maize (upon foot-stand)

(12:12) in >ayalo^n (‘deer-field’)

[p. 38] 4 men clapping their hands behind their backs {Manik, figured as a hand gesturing, is the Maya day-sign aequivalent to Aztec ‘Deer’}

(12:13) son of Hillel [cf. name of He^lal = Lucifer]

[p. 38] rainbow-snake extending through cogged ring {cf. "Ring of Lucifer" (NLGP, p. 405) : "must kiss the ring of Lucifer" ("NWOLR")}

(12:15) in Pira<to^n (‘chieftaincy’)

[p. 38] aged man and aged woman

(13:20) the angel ascended from altar to heaven

[p. 38] man proceeding in ray-beam out of dragon-realm

(13:24) birth of S^ims^o^n {the name may be etymologically (proto-S^emitic) */Timtom/ : cf. /tamtama/ ‘tie to a column’ (LA-L 1:227a)}

[p. 38] god tied to a floating log of wood

(14:5-6) on account of its roaring, a lion was rent asunder

[p. 38] fanged god having blood spouting from mouth

(14:8) "swarm of bees"

[p. 38] 4 bees

(15:4) fox-fire {ought perhaps to be some striped beast, such as hyaena, aflame?}

[p. 38] Stripe-Eye with smoke emanating from the apex of his head

From S^iloh (21:21), dancing maidens were abducted (21:23)

[p. 39] dancing women enter into an earth-monster

NLGP = Albert Ross Parsons : New Light from the Great Pyramid. 1893. http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924028929788/cu31924028929788_djvu.txt

"NWOLR" = "New World Order Luciferian Rituals" http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1018404/pg1

Similarly to the CBM 38 fanged god, who is bleeding apparently on account of that god’s mandible having been torn off, the mandibles of Andamanese human corpses are removed; and just as the mandible-lacking Andamanese souls must feed on honey, similarly is honey indicated by the praesence of 4 bees in CBM 38. [Vishvajit Pandya : Above the Forest. Oxford U Pr, 1993. p. 75, fn. 2 (honey); pp. 81, 99 (mandibles of corpses)]

1st S^mu^->el 1-6 = CBM pp. 40-46

1st S^mu^->el


(1:1} in Ramatayim-S.o^pi^m [/ramah/ ‘betray’ (Strong’s 7411) + s.apah ‘overlay’ (Strong’s 6823)]

[p. 40] excision of 8 [ogdoad of] suns from joints of body of gigantic god {armor overlaying the body is removed starting from the joints}

(1:2) Pninnah (cf. /panin/ ‘ruby’), a woman who had children

[p. 40] red death-goddess (giving birth)

(2:34) H.apni^ and Pinh.as

[p. 41] black Tezcatli-poca and red Tezcatli-poca

(2:36) "put for me, that I may eat"

[p. 41] (within rayed disk) god and goddess are fed (with human blood)

(3:4-8) S^mu^->el heard his own name being praeternaturally called

[p. 42] owl in enclosure {cf. the saying "I heard the owl call my name"}

(3:10-14) speech by disembodied YHWH

[p. 42] red death-god

(4:1) in >peq [/>apaq/ ‘to restrain’]

[p. 42] hero restrained by 2 crossed boards

(4:12) a man came with earth upon his head

[p. 43] upside-down human skulls

(4:15) eyen of <eli^ were set, that he could not see

[p. 43] god having his eye drooping out of its socket

(4:21) "The glory of YHWH is departed"

[p. 43] ray-beam departing out of the body of god

(5:1) to >as^do^d [/s^adad/ ‘robber’]

[p. 44] bat-god as plunderer

(5:3) fallen upon his face

[p. 44] faces of angular deities being assaulted (by animals)

(5:4) the head of Dago^n and both palms of his hands lay cut off

[p. 44] amputated limbs of human body, including head and both arms

(5:5) Dago^n {who in myth from >ugarit is the god who, though slain, rose from the dead] of untrodden threshold

[p. 45] living death-god, with twisted goddess lying [as threshold?] beneath

(5:6) smote them with haimerrhoids

[p. 45] hero having bleeding haimerrhoids

(6:4) golden mice [<akbar {cf. /<akaba/ ‘boiled (said of a pot)’ (LA-L 3:199a)}]

[p. 46] man being boiled alive in a pot

(6:10) milch

[p. 46] 4 pots containing white liquid

(6:14) Yo^s^uwa< {similar to the name of Iesous the crucified, whose priests wear the clerical collar} in :

[p. 46] supine red god {cf. red as academic color for theology} having facial cross-design (centred on his eye), and wearing clerical collar (of upturned crocodile-face)

Bet-S^em (‘house-of-name’) {Iesous hath "a name which is above every name" Philippians 2:9).}

[p. 46] 2 aspects of black Tezcatli-poca, each kneeling on one knee {cf. "at the name of Iesous, every knee should bow" (2nd Philippians 2:10)} :

{Iesous, "above ... every name that is named" (Ephesians 1:21) "hath put all things under his feet" (Ephesians 1:22).}

each such aspect hath both feet (unusually!).

{true Christians were all burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic Church}

[p. 46] Naked men emerge from smoke.