S^an Hai Jin 4:----------------------------------------------Gospel according to Matthew

:1:1 "Bushgrub"

3:4 "locusts"

:1:1 "Drieddark"

3:12 "burn up ... with unquenchable fire"

:1:1 "Food"

4:4 Man shall ... live by bread"

:1:2 "a noise like a grunting"

5:4 "they shall be comforted" [referring to the Paraclete "comforter", which inspireth to speak in "unknown tongues"]

:1:2 "gold"

5:26 "the uttermost farthing"

:1:2 "tadpoles" [they lack hands-&-feet; in adults, their hands-&-feet regrow if amputated]

5:30 "thy right hand ... cut it off"

:1:3 "hair"

5:36 "one hair"

:1:3 "from-from"

5:37 "cometh of"

:1:3 "jaws"

5:38 "a tooth"

:1:5 "yellow-cheek"

5:39 "thy right cheek"

:1:6 "silk"

6:19 "moth"

:1:8 "gold and jade"

6:20 "treasures"

:1:9 "Jackal" {"jackal" is, in Skt., s`iva, name of the god who, praesiding over the third eye, is full of light}

6:22 "if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"

:1:9 "bristles"

6:29 "arrayed"

:1:10 "a flash"

7:3 "in thine own eye"

:1:11 "Great"

7:5 "that which is holy"

:1:11 "a boar and it contains pearls"

7:6 "your pearls before swine"

:1:11 "same-same"

7:7 "ask and it [i.e., the same] shall be given you"

:1:12 "Bamboo" [bamboo shoots as the staple diet of the panda]

7:9 "bread"

:1:12 "green jasper and green jade"

7:9 "a stone"

:1:14 "a fish"

7:10 "fish"

:2:1 "Hollowmulberry"

7:14 "strait is the gate"

:2:4 "Clothbean"

7:15 "clothing"

:2:5 "Lapping" [typical drinking by canines]

7:15 "wolves"

:2:6 "thorn ... trees"

7:16 "thorns"

:2:6 "willow trees"

7:19 "tree that bringeth forth not ... fruit"

:2:6 "Mixme"

7:21 salvation is not by faith alone, but mixed with works, which "doeth the will of my ..."

:2:6 fainting, swooning: "When it sees human beings, it 'goes to sleep'."

7:22 "cast out devils" [which depart upon their falling unconscious at an hypnotic suggestion by the exorcist?]

:2:8 "a great deal of rock crystal"

7:24 "upon a rock"

:2:9 "Hutits ... has ... a great amount of sandy gravel"

7:26 "built his house upon the sand"

:2:10 "Motherinlawshoot"

7:29 "as one having authority" [unless defying them, one would normally be subject to the authority of one's in-laws]

:2:15 flying "fox"

8:20 "the foxes"

:2:16 "Duckbeauty"

8:20 "the birds of the air"

:2:16 "needle stones" {cf. the stone loom in the Cave of the Numphai": Odusseus slept nigh there acc. to the Odusseis}

8:24 Jesus "was asleep"

:2:17 "It makes a noise like a howling ..."

8:29 "cried out"

:2:17 "far-far"

8:30 "a good way off from them"

:2:17 "great numbers of fraudulent strangers"

9:10 "many publicans and sinners"

:2:17 "a rat's tail ... will have frequent epidemics." [rat is symbol of 1st year in 12-year cycle]

9:20 "a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years."

:3:1 "Corpsehalberd"

9:24 "dead"

:3:1 "eyes"

9:29 "eyes"

:3:2 "Forked" [cf. "speak with a forked tongue"?]

9:33 "the dumb spake"

:3:3 "Allhook"

9:35 "all ... every ..."

:3:7 "join-join"

9:38 "Pray ye therefore the Lord ... that he will send forth laborers into his harvest" [scil., of proselytes to join]

:3:8 "Stridecorner"

10:5 "Go ... into the way" (stride upon the roadway)

:3:8 "like a ram"

10:6 "the lost sheep"

:3:9 "there are frequent winds" [winds may raise dust]

10:14 "shake off the dust"

:3:11 "use a single male sheep"

10:16 "sheep"

:4:1 "snubnose-dogwolf"

10:16 "in the midst of wolves"

:4:1 "a bird here which ... has a white head"

10:16 "innocent as doves"

:4:1 "rat's feet"

10:17 "But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils" (will "rat on" you)

:4:2 "Bluebody" [bluebottle flies?]

10:25 "Beelzebub"

:4:3 "sap like blood" {mentioned in the Popol Vuh of the Maya, whose religious emblem is the cross}

10:38 "And he that taketh not up his cross and followeth after me, is not worthy of me."

:4:3 "many fine cowrie shells" {used as monetary currency in West Africa}

10:41 "reward"

:4:3 "scent-herb ... of farting"

11:4 "A reed shaken with the wind?"

:4:4 "Girlstew"

11:11 "born of women"

:4:5 "Leader"

11:14 "this is Elias, which was for to come."

:4:5 "the match-rest"

11:16 "liken this generation"

:4:6 "Childpawlonia"

11:16 "children"

:4:7 "the joinflaw"

11:17 "We have piped for you, and ye have not danced ..."

:4:7 "eats humans"

11:19 "gluttonous and a winebibber" [viz., eater & drinker of the Eucharist, bread & wine transsubstantiated into human flesh & human blood]

:4:8 "Toil"

11:20 "mighty works"

The Classic of the Eastern Mountains. In:--

Anne Birrell (transl.): The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Penguin Classics, 1999. pp. 55 to 64

S^an Hai Jin 5:-------------------------------------------------Gospel According to Matthew

:1:1 "sheath-plant"

11:25 "hid these things from the wise and prudent" ["these things" being secret scriptures, repraesented by the sword, their being hidden will have been within a sheath]

:1:1 "It can cure bad eyesight."

11:26 "good in thy sight."

:1:2 "Stagechild"

11:27 "the Son will reveal" [in drama?]

:1:2 "forgetful"

11:29 "rest [repose] for your souls" {repose for the souls of the deceased is in the river Lethe "forgetfulness", according to the Pythagoreans}

:1:3 "Drainhog"

12:28 "cast out devils" [into swine ?]

:1:3 "Porcupine-fish"

12:40 "whale's belly"

:1:4 "Oniondeaf"

13:15 "dull of hearing"

:1:5 "Spume"

13:22 "choke"

:1:6 "mental anguish "

13:42 "there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth"

:1:7 "Goldstar. It has numerous sky-pendants"

13:43 "the righeous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father."

:1:8 "Greatterror"

13:49 "So it shall be at the end of the world"

:1:8 "Owlvalley" {the Athenians, editors of the most sacred of Hellenic books, the Ilias, assigned to their own city the owl-goddess; so that the owl is depicted as having its own house in Codex Borgia, p. 12}

13:57 "in his own country, and in his own house."

:1:8 "abundant iron"

14:3 "put him in prison" [in "irons" ?]

:1:9 "Oakvale"

14:6 "danced" {cf. Orphic dance of the trees}

:1:10 "Cryforest"

14:9 "was sorry"

:1:11 "Oxhead"

14:11 "his head was brought"

:1:11 "ghost herb"

14:12 "the [headless] body" {cf. Chinese headless specters}

:1:13 "Fifty-two"

14:17 "five ... and two"

:1:13 "Joinvale"

14:19 "commanded the multitude"

:1:14 "Shade"

14:23 "the evening was come"

:1:14 "grindstones and patterned stones"

14:28 Peter (Petros) "a rock"

1:14 "Young"

15:4 [intended as a commandment to the young:-] "Honour thy father and mother"

1:15 "Drumchalice"

15:17 "whatsoever entereth in at the mouth ... is cast out into the draught" {having been drafted, can be "drummed out of service" ?}

:1:15 "glory-herb"

15:19 "blasphemies" [use of profanity and foul language is the very glory of the military]

:1:15 "lunacy"

15:19 "grievously vexed with a devil."

:2:2 "showlook"

16:1 "shew them a sign"

:2:3 "Porcupine" (cf. :1:3)

16:4 "the sign of the prophet Jonas" (cf. 12:40)

:2:4 "Fresh" (unfermented, unleavened ?)

16:6 "beware the leaven"

:2:4 "humming snakes which ... have four wavy wings."

16:16 "the Son of the living God." (alias dictus "the Son of Man", elsewhere identified with the "serpent" s`rap having 6 wings)

:2:4 "a stone chime"

16:18 "this rock"

:2:5 "Sunny"

17:2 "his face did shine as the sun"

:2:5 "change their shape"

17:11 "restore all things"

:2:5 "someone bawling with rage ... will have a major flood"

17:15 "he is a lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth ... into the water"

:2:6 "Offspringmy"

17:17 "O faithless and perverse generation ..."

:2:7 "Rape"[-seed ?]

17:20 "a grain of mustard seed"

:2:8 "Lonethyme"

17:21 "prayer and fasting" [viz., while in solitude ?]

:2:9 "like a baby"

17:25 "their own children"

:2:11 "lucky jade, which is then to be thrown" {as during the Muslim hajj, nigh >arafat.}

17:27 [by sheer luck] "thou shalt find a piece of money: that take and give"

:3:1 "man-all"

18:1 "Who is the greatest"

:3:2 "the Secret City of the Great Deity"

18:4 "the kingdom of heaven."

:3:2 "has a small waist"

18:6 "hanged about his neck"

:3:2 "cormorant"

18:6 "drowned in the depth of the sea."

:3:2 "have a baby"

18:10 "these little ones"

:3:2 "make them goodlooking"

18:10 "behold the face of my Father"

:3:3 "Uprightturn"

18:12 "seek that which is gone astray?"

:3:3 "it will ward off weapons"

18:14 "it is not ... that one ... should perish"

:3:4 "Helpthyme"

18:15 "thou hast gained thy brother"

:3:4 "Hustlebustle"

18:17 "let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican" [hustled out of the Church]

:3:5 "the 'nine cities'"

18:20 "where two or three are gathered together in my name"

:3:5 "Great Meet"

18:20 "there am I in the midst of them"

:3:5 "Cucumber" {<arabic law explicitly requireth the forgiveness of the debt in cucumbers owed by a wayfarer who may pick them to assuage hunger}

18:27 "forgave him the debt"

:4:1 "the River Sweet" {at the river Medu "sweet" in Sikelia, women remarried (GM)}

19:9 "whoso marrieth her which is put away"

:4:2 "Clawmark"

19:12 "made eunuchs of men"

:4:3 "Govern"

19:12 "He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." [i.e., be governed by it]

:4:5 "Handle"

19:15 "he laid his hands on them"

:4:6 "Whiteedge"

19:17 "there is none good but one, that is, God" [by ascribing purity (whiteness) only to God, humans are edged out]

:4:7 "Bearsear"

19:18 "bear false witness"

:4:7 "Floatmoat ... and there are many human-fish"

19:21 "go sell that thou hast, and give to the poor" [i.e., "float a loan" to the Church of Ebion ("pauper")]

:4:8 "Male" {the (<ibri^) male is characterized as to be circumcized; and the reputed relic, in France, of the foreskin of Jesus, was carried by a camel, in the epoch of Charlemagne}

19:24 "camel"

:4:8 "arrow-bamboos"

19:25 "Who then can be saved?" [Jesus seemed to have "shot down the claims" of the rich to their own being salvageable.]

:4:8 "flatter-bamboos"

19:26 "with God all things are possible." [This unexpected restoration of salvageability to the rich is evidently intended as a piece of catering flattery.]

:4:9 "Cheerlift"

19:28 "the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory" [i.e., "shall be elevated (lifted) to the throne", praesumably amid raucous cheers]

:4:9 "Clear"

20:12 "equal" payments [thereby "clearing" accounting-records]

:4:11 "dress the sacrificial victim in a colored cloth"

20:18 "they shall condemn him to death" [in trial "colored with praejudice"]

:5:1 "Lewdbed"

20:20 "Then came to him the mother ... desiring a certain thing of him."

:5:1 "curious"

20:21 "What wilt thou?"

:5:2 "Head"

20:28 "came ... to minister" [viz., as head of it, to the Church (his bride), by "giving head" to her]

:5:2 "they have three eyes"

20:34 "their eyes received sight"

:5:2 "and are eared"

21:2 "an ass" [asses are noted for their ears]

:5:2 "the rasping of metal"

21:12 "overthrew ... the moneychangers"

:5:3 "Hangaxe"

21:13 "a den of thieves" {Odusseus found himself in a den of thieves where axes were hanging from rings}

:5:5 "Twigvale"

21:19 "he saw a fig tree ... and found ... leaves only"

:5:6 "wells ... which ... are dry in summer"

21:20 "How soon ... withered away!"

:5:7 "Successbutt"

21:22 "And all things, whatsoever ye ask ... ye shall receive"

:5:10 "Stage"

21:33 "a tower"

:5:11 "bright blue jade"

21:42 "The stone which the builders rejected ... it is marvellous"

:5:11 "Corpse"

21:44 "on whomsoever it will fall, it will grind him to powder." {cf. West African myth of "Death" itself having been grinded}

:5:12 "Goodmore"

22:3 "to call them that were bidden" [to "make good on" their promise to be more guests]

:5:12 "More"

22:10 "as many as they found, both good and bad"

:5:12 "Nipple"

22:12 "was speechless" [as unable to speak as though sucking a nipple ?]

:5:13 "Malignforcetail"

22:13 "cast him into outer darkness"

:5:13 "Dragonmore" [the Dragon being the emblem of the emperor]

22:21 "render unto Caesar" [more]

:5:14 "Ascension"

22:30 "the resurrection"

:5:14 "Yellowsour"

23:4 "grievous"

:5:15 "Darkstop"

23:13 "ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in"

:6:1 "Whitesilkram"

23:27 "ye ... whited ..."

:6:1 "Highhorse Reptile"

23:33 "ye generation of vipers"

:6:1 "Stinging Insects"

23:34 "scourge"

:6:1 "a single male chicken"

23:37 "a hen"

:6:3 "Gable" {Cf. "House of Many Gables"}

24:7 "nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom"

:6:3 "Heron" {in Skt., kanka "heron" is used figuratively to mean "praetended Brahmana"}

24:11 "false prophets"

:6:3 "Crossgoblet"

24:24 "false Christs" [each of them touting a rosary Holy Cross and a goblet Holy Grail ?]

:6:4 "Seeall"

24:30 "then shall all ... see"

:6:4 "Ebb"

24:35 "Heaven and earth shall pass away"

:6:4 "Young"

24:36 "day and hour" [younger than the day is the hour]

:6:4 "Grain"

24:38 "eating and drinking" [viz., bread and beer ?]

:6:5 "Dragdrip"

24:40 "one shall be taken, and the other left."

:6:5 "See"

24:42 "Watch therefore ..."

:6:5 "purple stones"

24:49 "with the drunken"

:6:6 "Whitestone"

25:34 "the foundation of the world"

:6:6 "Kindness"

25:36 "I was a stranger, and ye took me in"

:6:6 "Runnel"

26:7 "poured it"

:6:6 "kohl-stones"

26:12 "did it for my burial"

:6:7 "Papermulberry"

26:13 "be told for a memorial of her"

:6:8 "Secret"

26:48 "gave them a sign"

:6:8 "Porcupine" [in :2:3, "Porcupine" = Yonah, who expected to be able to destroy, singlehandedly, the city of Nineveh]

26:61 "This fellow said, I am able to destroy the temple of God"

:6:8 "wood being split"

26:65 "rent his clothes"

:6:9 "Common Valley"

27:7 "the potter's field, to bury strangers in"

:6:9 "Bamboo"

27:29 "a reed"

:6:9 "Common"

27:29 [as commoners,] "they bowed the knee before him"

:6:9 "chiming stones"

27:29 ["chiming in",] "they mocked him"

:6:10 "Assist"

27:32 "they found a man: ... him they compelled to carry the cross" [so assisting Jesus]

:6:10 "Satedip"

27:34 "They gave him ... to drink ... gall" [intending to besot him with a sponge dipped in gall, an anodyne]

:6:10 "many human-fish"

27:37 "THE JEWS"

:6:10 "the Graveheap"

27:52 "And the graves were opened ..."

:6:10 "numerous coloured jade gemstones"

27:60 "a great stone"

:6:11 "frog-fish"

27:61 "Mary Magdalene" [she was reputed to have been a prostitute, a slang Greek term for which was phrune "female frog"; in Egyptian, a female frog is praesent at the scene of sexual intercourse between Isis and Osiris]

The Classic of the Central Mountains. In:--

Anne Birrell (transl.): The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Penguin Classics, 1999. pp. 67 to 102