Bon (FML)


Hellenic et al.

p. 174 (# 4) "transforms himself into a cuckoo"

S^M 2:5

"among the flags" (JPS) [sweetflag, a shaman's stimulant (SF)]

[Vogul] cuckoo is referred by Hatto (Sh&EP, p. 9) to "an Inner Asian narcotic or a shaman's familiar spirit"

p. 175 (# 8) "cries of eight kinds of wild animals"

S^M 1:15

+Pu<ah [: pa<ah 'to scream' (H&AD 6326 & 6463)]


p. 175 (# 10) "ways of dying"

S^M 1:16

"if it be a son, ye shall kill him"


p. 175 (# 11) "reveals his form"

S^M 1:15

+S^iprah [: <arabic safara 'to unveil' (DMWA, p. 481)]


p. 176 (# 14) "citadel"

S^M 1:11



p. 177 (# 24) gTo-bu-dod-de "falling from his horse and


To Kronos was given (K, citing GG 8.8.2) " a foal to swallow instead of the child" Poseidon;

being led to hell in a cage."


Kronos was imprisoned (K, citing Th 617) within "a fence of bronze" in Tartaros.

p. 178 (# 25) disciple came "mounted on a dragon"

YH.Z 29:3

Mallol is designated "the great dragon … in …his rivers"


p. 178 (# 26) "dreams of hell"

S^M 3:2

burning bush on mt. Horeb


p. 178 (# 28) invitation to visit in order to cure [love-]sick queen who

S^M 2:16

cf. Mos^eh defending +S.ipporah at water-well in Midyan, so that

[S^asta, in CA] Coyote & 2 girls across river (ITNA 3:43, p. 149).

had attempted seduction

S^M 2:21

she afterwards married him

[Alsea, in OR] 2 "frog women" -- "Coyote took off their vulvas" (AIM&L, p. 384).

p. 179 (# 30) 5 horses are offered through Yid-kyi-khye>u-chun

S^M 15:19

Horsemen of Par<oh


p. 181 (# 39) sanctification of mt. Bon-ri

S^M 19:2 sq

Mt. Sinay was found sacred by Mos^eh


p. 181 (# 39) extraction of water from rock

S^M 17:7

Water was extracted from rock at Mribah, by Mos^eh


p. 181 (# 40) 5 syllables only were saved from box guarded by +dPo-bza> Than-mo


Elpis ('Hope') only was retained from box guarded by +Pan-dora (P, citing W&D 54) the wife of Epi-metheus

p. 183 (# 52) monkeys {cf. the story of Hanuman the monkey-god, depicted in the "Temple of the Emerald Buddha" in Siam -- ESAS, Fall 1999)

DBR 3:9

mt. S^iryo^n (H&AD 8302-3) 'coat-of-mail'

mt. Qaf ('monkey') "is made of

emerald." (RC, p. 119) Chloro-cebus (Ch) 'green monkey' is native to Africa.

p. 184 (# 59) mt. Malaya

DBR 4:49

mt. Pisgah


p. 184 (# 60) qualities of Enlightened One in cedar-forest on mt. sPos


"aura" of Huwawa in cedar-forest in mountains (G&H)


JPS = Jewish Publication Society version of the Tnak.

SF =

Sh&EP = SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL AND AFRICAN STUDIES, FOUNDATION DAY LECTURE, 1970 -- A. T. Hatto: Shamanism and Epic Poetry in Northern Asia. U. of London.

DMWA = J. M. Cowan: A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic.

K =

GG = Pausanias: Guide to Greece.

Th = Hesiodos: Theogony.

P =

W&D = Hesiodos: Works and Days.

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H&AD = "Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary". In:- The New Strong's Complete Dictionary of Bible Words.

RC = The Religion of the Crescent.

Ch =

G&H =


Bon (FML)


Hellenic et al.

p. 174 (# 1) Dag-pa was elder brother of gSal-ba

S^M 6:20

>ahro^n was elder than his brother Moseh,

Pro-metheus as 'foresight' praeceded his brother Epi-metheus 'hindsight' (GM 39.8)


S^M 7:7

by 3 years


p. 182 (# 47) "blue light" {fennel growing blue in clay-soils, FFF}

B-MD 17

the rod of >ahro^n budded [and became candlestick {candlenut is flavorous, C}]

the rod of Pro-metheus was (GM 39.g) a stalk of fennel (= anise, liquorice) [of fiery (spicy) flavor]

p. 176 (# 16) "Hermits meditate in caves"

S^M 32:4

>ahro^n instituted worship of the golden calf

Pro-metheus instituted (GM 39.f) immolation (to Zeus, who was born in a cave of mt. Dikte) of the bull at Sikuon


B-MD 20:28

>ahro^n vanished on mt. H.or

Pro-metheus was bound (GM 39.h) to mt. Kaukasos {likewise of the Coyote-god in myth of the Yaki in Sonora}

B-Midbar 17

GM = Robert Graves: The Greek Myths. 1955.


C =

FML = BON STUDIES, 9 (= SENRI ETHNOLOGICAL REPORTS, 57) = Samten G. Karmay: Feast of the Morning Light. National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, 2005.