TNaK = Tehuacan

rulers of Yis`ra^>e_l

20 day-regents (Codex Borgia 22 to 24)

cognate with Liwya^ta^n the crocodile:

1. crocodile producing a


waterfall [cf. waterfall-site of

the first high-priest

Michael Harner's initiation as shaman]

Qha^t [= Ugaritic >qht,

2. god [same as that on p. 49,

who was killed by a flying god]

being killed by a winged vampire-bat]

Yis.har [cf. s.o_har

3. god looking upward

"noon" (time of sun at zenith)]

toward zenith

<amra^m [cf. <a^mar

4. Maya day Kan "ripe" (for harvesting

"to bind sheaves"]

as sheaves)

Yitro^, alias dictus Qe^ni^ "nesting":

5. macaw, flying; with

his daughter S.ippo_ra^h "bird"

bird-headed goddess;

at water-well overcame men (S^m 2:17)

water containing man

fall of Qe^ni^ was predicted (BM 24:22),

with lion (BM 24:9), by BiL<AM

6. leopard (BaLAM in Maya)

B>e_r S^eba< "seven wells" of

7. 8 round wells (?) of

>ahro^n, a nudist:

naked man

>ahro^n was survived by Mo_s^eh, who

"put a veil on his face" (S^m 34:33)

8. wearing human skin, and

directed migration

holding liahona

crossing of Yarde_n river

9. Atl "water"

Kaleb (S^p 1:12) "hound"

10. Itzcuintli "hound"

>e_h.u^d "blew a horn" (S^p 3:27)

11. blowing conch-shell

S^amgar (S^p3:31) =

s^a^mayim "two skies" +

12. multi-layered sky;

ga^ro^n "neck"

disk as colar around god's neck

Si^sra^> with

13. god with

"two dyed garments of broidery

two cords

for the neck" (S^p 5:30)

around neck

Gid<o^n "shall not die" (S^p 6:23)

14. death-god (who cannot die)

Yo^ta^m of "sweetness" (S^p 9:11)

15. god as taster

house of Millo^> (S^p 9:20) "fullness"

16. full, overflowing pot

woman (S^p 9:53)

17. goddess Tlazolteotl

30 sons, 30 villages (S^p 10:4)

[days of month ?], of Ya^<u^r "wooded":

18. wooden-staff-holding

cf. "Ancient of Days" the white-haired

white-haired man

Yipta^h. spake with

19. owl-headed god speaking with

his own daughter (S^p 11:35)


20. maize-plant, enwreathed with snake

>e^lo^n (S^p 12:11) "oak-grove"

(like oak-tree with mistletoe ?)

shamanic parallels


Codex Borgia 22-24

"a waterfall", viz., "a gigantic, grinning crocodilian head, from whose cavernous jaws gushed a torrential flood of water." (ShThT, p. 171)

1. (p. 22) waterfall issuing from crocodilian head

"giant bat" (ShThT, p. 177): "actually

2. (p. 22) blood-god (= same blood-god having his blood quaffed by vampire-bat on p. 49)

large, shiny black creatures with

3. (p. 23) black god

stubby ... wings and huge whale-like bodies." (ShThT, p. 173)

4. (p. 23) winged god)

"people with the heads of blue jays and the bodies of humans" = "bird-headed gods" (ShThT, p. 172)

5. (p. 23) green-quetzal-bird-headed goddess

"the sky ... outer space" (p. 177)

6. (p. 24) starry sky, partly red and partly dark

"Outer Darkness" (p. 177)

7. (p. 24) man plunging into darkness

ShThT = Jeremy Narby & Francis Huxley (eds.): Shamans Through Time. Jeremy P. Tarcher, NY, 2001. [quoting from:- Michael Harner: The Way of the Shaman. NY: Harper & Row, 1980)