7 Tala-s: geographical identifications



MaPOON aborigines of Cape York Paeninsula, Queensland


IRIaN Jaya, New Guinea


MahaKAM river, Borneo

Vi-tala, where is gold called "Hat.aka" < *HARtaka

Khruse "gold" = the name (in the Geographia of Claudius Ptolemaios) for Malaya: JoHoR BaHARu

Su-tala, the abode of Maha-bali

Maha-bali is also ascribed to Kerala of the Malayalam

Tala-atala, abode of Maya who built Tri-pura renowned for the Tripura DAHana: DAHana = [Zend] DAHAka

the DAHAi on the river Da[h]ik-s (= antient name for the Ural river)


[Kemetian mythical place] RS-TLu (RS-T3W) is identified (by Reginald Fessenden) with RoSTaU at the mouth of the river Don (on sea of Azov)


MoHacz (in Hungary); TAuLantioi, the antient tribe occupying the site of modern Tirana



PeTeLia in Bruttium-Lucania of Italy; RAVeNNa


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