18. one hound +

1:12 Ka^le_b "hound"

another hound

4:2 Si^sra^> = Sisira, a hound (in Veda)

17. stars:

5:20 stars

woman dipping water

5:25 woman Ya^>e_l is asked for water

16. collapsing tower

8:17 tower of Pnu^>e_l is broken down

15 {alternative deck}. deer http://www.wild-moon.com/passions/tarotm-z.htm in

8:32 <a^pra^h "doe-deer"


9:14 brambles

15 {standard deck}. devil holding people in bondage (by covenant ?)

9:46 devil-worshippers enter hold in >e_l Bri^t ("deity-covenant")

14. wine is spilled by woman

9:53 >abi^-melek's blood is spilled by a woman

13. square banner;

10:1 Pu^>a^h: cf. pe_>a^h "corner"

riding horse

10:4 riding ass-colts

12. man raised up by ankle

10:5 Qa^mo^n "raised up"

11. goddess of justice

11:36 young woman offered herself as volunteer human-sacrifice

10. wheel of fortune turneth

12:4 fortune of war turneth: would-be makers of fugitives become themselves fugitives

9. hermit seeking to uncover truth by a lamp-light

12:15 Pir<a^to^n "uncovering"

8. woman wrestleth lion

14:8 visiting a woman, S^ims^o^n saw a lion

7. atmosphaeric chariot, drawn by geese aloft http://tarot.com/about-tarot/library/essays/majorcards

15:8 <e^t.a^m "by hawk"

6. lovers

16:4 S^ims^o^n & Dli^la^h as lovers

5. hierophant

17:5 Mi^ka^h the hierophant

4. emperor: maintainer of peace & security

18:27 Layis^, a people quiet & secure

3. empress

19:25 gang-raped woman (cf. rumor that empress Messalina forced numerous men into sexual intercourse with her)

2. high priestess betwixt one pillar and

20:40 beacon:

another pillar


1. magician's altar

21:4 altar at Be^t >e_l

0. fool at cliff

21:13 at "rock" (mesa, cliff-rimmed) of Rimmo^n

21. woman in shubbery

21:21 young women at Si^lo_h, in vineyards:

20. revival of the dead

21:23 thereby was the tribe of Bin-Ya^min revived

19. advent of child as

S^MW>L 1:11-20 at S^i^lo_h, child is miraculously conceived:

the sun

cf. "sun of righteousness, with healing" of

ML>KY 3:20