S^in-gon 16--------------Tibetan 78-------------Jupiter-stations---Tehuacan sequence

1. Vajra-pan.i = mirror

http://www.buddhanature.com/ (Pan.i-s are treasure-guardians.)

46. wearing magic mirror

[in Daoist fashion]


p. 38 dragon in ring (cf. dragon-guardian of treasure-ring of Nibelung-s)

2. akars.a "drawing along with rope; dice (for happenstance)"

47-48. snare hanging down from rope


p. 38 hooded god (cf. Grimnir, leader of Gremlins of happenstance)

3. five arrows of Mara


; dhanu "a bow"

54. "five arrows and a bow"


p. 39, upper. arch (bow ?) interconnecting sky


59. "clad in red"


p. 39. clad in red

4. dance (p. 195); sadhu "straight"

61. "The white genius"


p. 39 females (two of them white) dancing; straightening walkway

4. hars.a "horripilation" (goosepimples)

4. "The skin of a man"


p. 40 god whose body is covered with semicircles (pimples)

5. garbha "embryo": human embryo is believed to lose its memory at birth

6. "every track be lost of ... the king of eloquence"


p. 40 red death-goddess giving birth (abortion ?)

6. sun

7. banner

7-8. peacock and lion-throne: cf. peacock-throne symbolized by lion with sun on flag of Iran


p. 41 [solar?] disk

8. smile (represented by open mouth -- p. 205 fn. 1)

10. "symbolizing human skulls"


p. 42 pair of jaws; red human skulls

9. water-lily

11. water-vase with flowers put into it


p. 42 pool

10. buddhi "conjecture, notion"; Man~ju-`sri [-ghosa "roar of animals"]

12. golden rdo-rje "thunderbolt" [cf. origin of vis`va-vajra ("crossed thunderbolts") from bones of Dadhi-an~c] as flower opening itself in sky ("sky-flower" symbolizing delusions)


p. 42 origination of beasts from human bones

11. man.d.a "scum of bolied rice"


p. 42 man being boiled (harmlessly ?)

12. muttering

13. "bad speech"


p. 43 god with holes drilled through his tongue


15. "fire"; "chess-board"

11. Great Fire

p. 44 great enclosure containing squares


16. phur-bu "wedge (used to split wood)" (with entwined serpents)

12. Split Wood

p. 44 dragon-suits


17. circle for divination [of future history]

1. Star Chronicle

p. 44 circle of pebbles (Dakota stone circle) on goddess Chantico


19. "palm of the hand" (p. 324, fn. 3), i.e. hollow of the hand

2. Murky Hollow


13. Vis`va-karman (artificer, i.e. instrument-maker, for the Asura-s)

23. two astrological instruments


24. trident (used to spear fishes)

3. Loggerhead Turtle (catching fishes)

p. 45 man in water is attacked by eagle-man (albatross ?)


25. "magistrate" (sentencing convicts)

4. Descending Harvester (cf. Death as Grim Reaper)

p. 45 death-god at tree


26. "bridge"

5. Great Plank-bridge

p. 45 backbone-deity

[cf. Welsh Bran's back as bridge]


27. bending of the magic wand: cf. bending of pine-tree by SINIs (= TINIa, mirror-god of the Etruscans)

6. "deity in Orion"

p. 45 wands (in butter vessels); mirror-wearing Tezcatlipoca-s


28. "The walls of a religious building"


p. 46 dragon-walled building


29-30. a bla-ma (mendicant)

7. Quail-Head:

cf. beheading of quail by porcupine (p. 71). S`alaka "porcupine" is credential for mendicants.


31. "fire-place"

8. Quail-Fire


14. armor

32. "shield"


cf. shield etc. (p. 17)


39. "divine astrology"


(cf. pp. 58 to 60)

15. dam.stra "fang"

41. two fishes (some fishes have hollow teeth, "fangs")


42. "a bird sitting"

9. Quail-Tail


16. mus.t.i "hilt, handle"

44. "the handle"


45. "lodgings": cf. lodgings with Rah.ab, whose inn remained intact, after the wall on which it was set was destroyed (suspended as star in sky, by red thread?) Yhos^u<ah 2 & 6.

The word for "lodge" is also "tarrying": St. John achieved longevity by tarrying until the Second Coming. John 21:23.

10. Longevity Star


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