28 naks.tra-regents------------sacrificial animals-------------Aztec/Maya day-signs

1. Agni "fire"

:19 crow

10. Maya Oc "coyote", who in Shoshone myth stole fire; parakeet (A&ACS)

2. Praja-pati

:12 ape

11. Ozomatli monkey

5. A-diti [= Hellenic Adite, a Danai:d who slaughtered her own husband while having sexual intercourse, for the first time, with him -- a motif otherwise charcteristic of the toothed-vagina woman}


12. Maya Ee tooth; Mixe (NVSCM, p. 44) Tuuts tooth.

6. Br.has-pati

:17 cat

14. Ocelotl ocelot

7. Sarpa {"the raging serpent like the rushing wind" --- VM. The Kemetian wind-god S^W is a post propping up the sky.}


16. Mixe Paa post, pole (CM)

8. Pitr. (the ancestral dead, repraesented particularly by their heads)


17. Ollin [< *ORIn] earthquake {cf. sensation adhaering to the earth when one one's ORI-s,a (loa) mounteth to one's ORI ("head") according to the Yoruba}

9. Bhaga

:13 sea-crow

18. Tecpatl flint [depicted carried in mouth by black eagle, in Codex Borgia, p. 18]

10. Aryaman

:15 cuckoo [blue cuckoo of Tibet ?]

19. quetzal-bird (A&ACS, p. 156) [often blue]

11. Savitr.

:18 yellow-haired

20. Xochitl flower (depicted yellow)

12. Tvas.t.r. {cognate with Teutonic Tvisto, Norse Tjazzi the fire-bird}


1. Cipactli, depicted as alligator lack lower jaw: evidently the Lantenaria phosphorea, a phosphorescent-bodied night-flier

13. Vayu "the wind"


2. Ehecatl "the wind"

14. [Indra]

:11 boar [cf. reputed ability of swine to see in the dark]

3. Akbal night

15. Mitra

:14 lizard

4. Cuetzpallin lizard

16. [S`akra]

:14 boa-constrictor

5. Coatl snake

17. Nir-r.ti

:18 owl

6. owl (A&ACS, p. 153)



19. Vis`ve-deva

:17 dappled deer

7. Mazatl deer"





22. Vasu

:16 francolin partridge

[mazatl is cognate with Uto-Nahuan word for "feather]





25. Ahi BUDHNYA: Cf. BUDDHA, who, during his incarnation as hare, cooked self to death


8. Tochtli rabbit





28. Yama {cf. <ibri^ ya^m "sea"}


9. shark (A&ACS, p. 153)


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TS 5:5:



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