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Possible Galaxy, and Galaxy-Group, Structures in Ancient Cosmologies

Cosmological Structure of the Material Universe

Components of Galaxies

Geology and Continental-Drift



Molecular Basis of Longevity

Human Genome

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 Enkuklopaideiai on mythologies -- WEBLINKS

Concordances & indices to names in myths -- WEBLINKS

Collections of Mythologic Texts ON-LINE -- WEBLINKS


On-Line Dictionaries & Language-Translation

Names : internet & personal -- WEBLINKS

Antient Grammatical Terminology

Dictionaries of Etymology of Languages ON-LINE -- WEBLINKS

Dictionaries of Antient Languages ON-LINE -- WEBLINKS

Dictionaries of Modern Languages ON-LINE -- WEBLINKS

Automatic Translation services requiring pay



Enkuklopaideiai/Encyclopaediae -- WEBLINKS

Collections of Theses & of Dissertations -- WEBLINKS

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Web-links resources on religions ON-LINE

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Publishers' Catalogues of Books

Publishers' Catalogues of Non-books

Catalogues of Occult Supplies

Catalogues of Artifacts of Specific Religions

Catalogues of Merchandise

Various Catalogues

Catalogues of Medicines & Herbs


Theories, Beliefs, Etc.

legislation by initiative and referendum -- WEBLINKS

unified theories (bibliography of)

belief-systems, alternative UFOs etc.

photographs of tribesfolk ON-LINE --WEBLINKS

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